Kat Eyes
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2003-08-24 20:48:53 (UTC)


AmazingTab: ...
StArLeTt110: i got booted
StArLeTt110: sry
AmazingTab: oh
StArLeTt110: so
AmazingTab: want to talk?
StArLeTt110: sure
AmazingTab: today is tomorrow
StArLeTt110: :-
AmazingTab: yeah
StArLeTt110: ok then
AmazingTab: you're still really mad im guessing?
StArLeTt110: not as mad as i was last night
AmazingTab: oh
AmazingTab: but still not even close to coming back...
StArLeTt110: no
AmazingTab: hmmm
StArLeTt110: ...
StArLeTt110: i'm not coming back
AmazingTab: I know
StArLeTt110: ok
StArLeTt110: i'm sorry
AmazingTab: you are not willing to fight with yourself
about this
StArLeTt110: not right now
AmazingTab: right
StArLeTt110: :-(
AmazingTab: why are you sad?
StArLeTt110: i wish that this didnt happen
StArLeTt110: it sucks
AmazingTab: no shit
StArLeTt110: well what the hell do you want me to do david
AmazingTab: ...
AmazingTab: i thought we established that
StArLeTt110: thats not an alternative
AmazingTab: yes it is
StArLeTt110: no it isn;t
AmazingTab: yes
AmazingTab: it is
StArLeTt110: its not one that i'm going to give in to
AmazingTab: why?
StArLeTt110: why?
StArLeTt110: i thought we established this
AmazingTab: did we?
StArLeTt110: yes we did
AmazingTab: you just sit there and dont understand it
StArLeTt110: you said it yourself david..i will never
understand it
StArLeTt110: even if i do i dont think it would change my
AmazingTab: you could try
AmazingTab: it should
StArLeTt110: you were right david..i will never understand
it. and by you saying that i figured that you didnt want me
AmazingTab: no...
AmazingTab: i want you to
AmazingTab: i want everyone to
AmazingTab: isn't that like my big thing? understanding
brings tolerance brings stability brings equality
StArLeTt110: i don't want to talk about this
AmazingTab: what?
AmazingTab: why?
StArLeTt110: thi
StArLeTt110: *this
StArLeTt110: the whole situation
StArLeTt110: its everywhere
AmazingTab: why?
StArLeTt110: and i'm tired of looking at it
AmazingTab: finre
AmazingTab: fine
StArLeTt110: i'll come by later
StArLeTt110: and i'll call before, but i'm coming whether
you're there or not
AmazingTab: great
AmazingTab: fanfuckingtastic
AmazingTab: i think im going to throw a party
StArLeTt110: have fun
AmazingTab: lol
AmazingTab: yeah