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2003-08-24 20:35:24 (UTC)

Longest entry ever...

Alot has happened within the past few days and I want to
tell all. I've meant to every night, but didn't have time
since I had to prepare for the events of the next day. I
must also update on certain perspectives I've gained and
ofcourse I must make a list. This time a list of nicknames.
You'll see what I mean later on.

As you can tell, I've been hanging out and partying for the
past 3 nights. I had 2 to 3 events per night so it was
kinda wild, and so much to do. Let's start with Thursday:

We were suppose to go to Great America. Everyone met up at
Chris and Eric's house at 8:30 - 9:00, we picked up some
supplies and discount tickets at Jewel and went on the
road. There were 10 of us. The girls were, Pepsi, Diet Pep,
Lily (Chris's girlfriend)and Jenny. The guys were, Chris,
Eric, Jason, Tim, and Oscar. We went in 3 cars. Two ghetto
american cars, Tim's and Oscar's, and one fancy german car,
Chris's ofcourse.

So were out on the high way when Tim pulls over and all the
rest behind him. Turns out he needed to strap his right
light on with duck tape, it was falling off. So we get back
on the road. We're in libertyville already, and Chris pulls
over real fast. Tim is ahead so he gets off at the first
pit stop, and that whole gang is waiting at a deserted
bowling aley. In the mean time, we see that Chris's tire
just exploded. Literally it was shredded, melted, he was
driving on his rims for a few seconds while pulling over.
Oscar mainly changed the tire. The rest of us slightly
tried to help but didn't really know anything so just
watched. Jason, Oscar and I were in one car, Lily and Chris
were in his, Tim and the rest were waiting for us about 1/2
and hour at that aley. Eventually we started out, couldn't
go very fast though. That tire was loose.

Turns out Oscar screwed in the wrong screws, when we met up
with the rest they were changing the screws, and all the 5
guys were at it. (This took about 2 hours.) Afterwards, we
didn't know what to do really. Chris was apologizing. It
wasn't his fault.

I was a little upset at first since I could have gone to
Champaigne and dance in a bar or something like that. I'd
have that first sleep over, I'd finally see Champaigne, and
Karoline's new apartament. So I was a little upset about
that. Then we didn't have enough time really to enjoy great
america but most of them still wanted to go. Eventually it
got even worse cause we wouldn't go to Great America, we
wouldn't even go on a few coasters. The second choice was
Gurnee Mills. And yeah I know it's like a fantastic mall
and all, but If I'd want to go shopping I have places
around my house, that are cheaper.

We ended up hitting the road. But before we did Eric walked
off somewhere and Chris wanted to just leave without him.
Turns out he went to the nearest service station and bought
a drink or something. We kept driving on streets now and
went to this tire place. At first it was suppose to be all
nice and smooth. It was suppose to only take 1/2 and hour.
The dude came across alot of problems though. Turns out we
screwed in the tire wrong and did some damage to the whole
rim and that needed to be replaced. So he payed atleast 120
dollars for that. Actually the part had to come from the
dealer so they had to contact his parents and his mom told
him not to take the car. His parents said they'll pay for
it, but since the part had to come from the dealer it would
come in like 5 hours, and the car would be able to be
picked up at 9 or so. So lily and Chris came to Oscar's car
with me and Jason, and we decided to just go to Gurnee

The fun thing about Gurnee is that you could do alot there.
Besides the shops there is also an ice skating rink and a
whole gigantic room of video games, plus laser tag. So we
were suppose to eat and go ice skating. It was a little
akward since I was in shorts and a few others. It was a
high of 90 that day and was suppose to rain in the evening.
If we'd get on the ice, we'd freeze our buns off. We ate in
the food court, and made our way to the ice skating thing.
It just closed to private classes. Bummer. Right next door
was the video game thing so we played a bunch of stuff.
Most of which was air hockey. Also we got in on a 30 minute
laser tag game. It was fun for the first 20 or so minutes.
But eventually Pepsi and I were standing right in front of
each other aiming at the spots seeing whose gonna get hit
first. I think it was split pretty evenly. Tim had a suit
that just couldn't take a hit so he won. My gun gave out,
and I had to get a new suit. I think I had about a 50 to no
more than 60 percent chance of staying alive in there. I
liked when the fog came out the most. That was a good

We got bored of games and didn't know what else to do, so
some of us went to see a movie, (It was Freddy VS. Jason so
I didn't go.) The rest went to check out the stores. Pep,
Diet, me, Jenny, Eric and Jason were checking out the
stores. Eric went to some gaming store that he spends so
much time in, and we were suppose to meet him up there. We
took our time and he left after 40 minutes of waiting for
us. He got really pissed as only he can. We thought this is
another game of Where's Eric.

The movie ended, the mall was closing, we met up at the
door with the people from the movies. Drove home, Lily and
Chris were so cute sleeping side by side. They aren't very
affectionate. Maybe just not in public. All they did was
hold hands I think. When she left all he did was give her a
little kiss. (Well most of that was actually I think cause
we were on an intersection and the light was turning


Friday was the benefit. I woke up late so I couldn't get
the wig. Oh well I thought. I might as well save my money
on something I'll need. Like fun. I should have died my
hair though and come as sharon osbourne. Everyone was
there. Even Ozzy. Vince came as him. Corey was the black
Micheal Jackson, Anita was some 70's gal, Ron just wanted
to wear his orange jumsuit so it made him look like a
beastie boy. I first thought he was a village person
though. And oh yeah, Antar came as Jesus, Aileen was a sexy
spice girl, and ofcourse Alicia was Tina Turner.

Ionized performed, Ron's nephews band. His nephew is the
drummer, and for a while I thought he dressed up as Justin
Timberlake. All the neighborhood kids came by with smiling
faces to see him. They had a special guest. This one
hispanic looking guy who sounded very much like Eminem, and
was introduced in that manner. He sang loose yourself while
the band played. Atleast that's what it looked like from a
far. Then Alicia's band Chi performed, a very high energy
song by the way. Finally there was the freestreet band
their newest name is something like the stroking light

Within all this there were raffles. Very little people
came. Aindrea didn't, and Oscar canceled last minute. Chris
worked till 10 that night so he didn't come. I was behind
the raffle tickets slash t-shirt booth with the spice girl.
It wasn't all that fun since we didn't have chairs and she
was in a miny skirt.


Afterwards I was suppose to go on to Mambo Cafe with
Yesenia, Snover, and this guy Felix. Busted plans though
cause I couldn't get a hold of Yesenia for the longest.
Turns out that she got in a fight with her mom because she
went 500 minutes over on her cell phone.

That was okay thogh cause Kathy txt's me stating: Wanna go
to a party? Turns out my bro arthur was there too. A few
St. Hyacinth people, a few boyscouts, some of my friends,
some of arthurs and Daniels, etc... So I wanted to go and
take the car there, but danish walks in after coming home
from work and says you wanna go to this party, your friends
are there. So I go with him.

Every one there get kinda drunk. And I end up being a
designated driver. Go fig. But that's getting ahead of
myself. Kathy was there, Steph, and Christina. They were
all drinking. Atleast one beer. Kathy had like 3 shots with
no chaser, and steph was buzzed this guy she like was
hitting on her. They ended up making out. Their friend
Monika was so tiny she had too much and this guy kept
getting close to her, so there could have been a fight if
he tried to cease the moment. My bro's and thir friends
were playing flippy cup, and danish got so buzzed he
started glowing, and dancing. Teddy was there. I wanted to
dance so I started to with him. We were like the only ones
doing it, didn't matter. He noticed I can get down. He
touched my ass. So a little later I told him to get me a
lap dance. He said what have you done for me lately to
deserve one? I tell him I let him touch my ass and didn't
tell my brothers about it. So he automatically started to
dance, saying please don't tell them, their my best friends
and such. I laughed and said yeah, that's how it's done.

I met this guy Michal who is nice but not very attractive.
A friend of Kathy's and companies from St. high... He
started hitting on me. He would have kissed me I know, but
I'm too shallow, and would not allow anyone I'm not
physically attracted to kiss me. We did hold hands though,
that was sweet. He was buzzed, and kept saying to take a
picture. We have so many of them. We left at like 3 in the
morning. Steph was left all alone. Actually it was like
this, I came, Christina left after afew hours, (like 2 if
not less,) then Chris came at 12 or so, Kathy and Chris
left about 2 and I left about 3. So yeah. Everyone was
drunk or atleast a little buzzed. I was naturally high. :0)


Yesterday, finally. And finally the block party. I'll take
a break and finish this up later. Too much writing for one

Well, it's another time. It's almost tuesday actually.
Midnight in about 5 minutes. So let me continue on with my

It was hot yet again. very hot at that so I went to the
block party kinda late. Having to take renew my green card
was also a matter of it, but nevertheless I got there at
around 4. It was rather fun. We did dance in the streets,
and there were alot of people there, even though I expected
so much more. There was food in the basement, and towards
the night more and more people started to come out.

We danced salsa, which I still haven't cought on, this
diffirent dance beginning with an M I think but not
merangue, though that was there too, there was a click to
this one. I like dancing this one. Maybe it's something
like Pachiato. Then there was some oldies which we didn't
really dance to, and the electric slide like 4 times.

There were Yesenia, and Giselle, both wearing skirts, and
their friend that makes real nice turns... umm I forget her
name. But she dances cool. Turns especially. She's only 15
though, and she shows it. Later 2 more of Giselle's friends
came by who were 13 and 14, plus Vanessa, I forget her age,
they were very loud and ghetto. We were getting this one
guy to dance with Yesenia but turned out he's 13 so we
tried to do that to Giselle. She was acting her age,
embarrased and kinda shy. He was even more.

It all went down hill from there. These guys came by,
Yesenia's ex and his friends. They tried to lie to that guy
about Giselle being something she's not, so the girls
wanted to "fuck" those guys up. Yesenia said no let the
bigger girls handle this, and she grabs my arm and we go,
I'm just like wow, what do you mean fuck up? Eventually I
found out it's to fight, just like I thought, and I wasn't
willing to fight for something as minor as that. Our group
split up all over the place. It was very ghetto and I got a

...It was Chris, he wanted to do something, Tim was at a
block party too. I didn't know what to do. I didn't wanna
leave Yesenia hanging, but in truth, she's already left me
hanging, I didn't even know where she was. Everyone was
everywhere, and I didn't even know if my parents will let
me. I called them, I called back Chris, then I tried to
call Yesenia to find out where she is so I can say bye to
her. This took a while. I said bye, returned the car under
the house, and Chris was to pick me up. The plan was
bowling, and the guys were making calls for more people.

Chris likes to take his nice little Mercedez-Benz
Kompressor convertable everywhere. I understand, but he and
tim came to pick me up in a two passanger car. I don't mind
sitting on Tim's lap, but not infront of my parents when
they just warned me not to go anywhere if it's just me and
two guys. They don't know these two though. So it was like
this, I don't know if they believed me or not, but we told
tim to walk off pretending he's on the phone, and chris and
I got in and drove on. Then I got a call as expected. My
mom again saying I shouldn't go if it's just them, so by
this time I've got a confirmation on Steph and pherhaps
another person coming for sure. Told her that. Then she
asked about this and I told her no mom, Tim just parked his
car over on roscoe. I think she just wanted to buy it
that's why she did. When Tim jumped in though on Nagle and
Roscoe it was really funny cause these 20 something's I'd
say were driving by looking at us smiling, it was weird

So we get to Chris's house and we wait for everyone else to
get there. To kill time Chris pops on some euro and we end
up dancing in the street. Tim ofcourse doesn't dance but
stands around near the car. I get on him every now and
then, while Chris cheers me on. Eventually the other Chris
pulls up with Christina and Steph, they ofcourse say that
they new it was us. Like what the hell were we doing? So we
just wait for Jason, when David and Kathy get there. Then

We end up going in all the cars except Chris's S. Which is
funny cause later we find out that bowling shoes are 3
dollars and he had two pairs in his car. Anyway we race and
Chris and I get to Brunswick last even though it's the
fastest car and we pretty much got all the greens, and even
left first. We prepay and there's an announcement for
everybody to get on the stage and to the electric slide. At
first I'm like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Not again!!! But then
I'm like, might as well. So I thought it's gonna be a big
group dancing, well no, it was the two people that work
there trying to keep it alive. So while everyone is picking
their balls I join in the dance, they didn't know how to do
it very well, and I'm trying to motivate others, all say
no, eventually Chris C Joins in, only because I told him
I'll teach him how to do it, and it finishes before he can
even start anyway. So I'm dancing to where we're bowling,
ailes 9 and 10, when those 2 chicks are coming after me,
laughing that I'm still dancing. (Noth the electric slide
this time, I just wanted to dance and it was a nice place
with cosmic bowling, I haven't done that in a long while,
couldn't resist.) They gave me a big bowling pill drinking
bottle filled with candy and goodies, so I told everyone to
dig in, and they did.

After that while bowling we would dance. Mainly Chris and
I, but if there would be a good song, Sprite joined in as
well. A little less Christina. The guys mainly just sat
there. They had one table we had the other, plus David. It
just seemed to split that way. I didn't care much for the
actuall bowling itself as much as the dancing, even though
my legs were giving out on me, and though the music was
good, not all of it was good to dance to. I have realized
that I'm not afraid of dancing in public anymore. Starting
a party maybe a little, but when my friends are near I
really don't fear. Besides Chris usually joins. Kathy made
bets and lost them both. Tim though he doesn't bowl at all,
he bowled yesterday and got a bunch of strikes and spares.
Both games were above 100. Chris S was about there too. The
guys and Kathy had pretty high scores, nearing 100's if not
over, the rest of us were about in the 60's 70's. I was in
the 50's 60's. I preffered to dance.

It came to me then that we need to go to a club. They all
want to do it, so it's all a matter of deciding. I should
find out some info on the most suitable club, themes and
stuff like that for us to do it one of these days.

So our games ended and we didn't know what to do next. It
was too early to go home. So we ended up going to the
Denny's on Harlem. We were there first this time. David and
Kasia had to go home though. Too bad. We got a table and I
got some pie along with Jason. Mmmm... cherry. Tastes just
like the picture. We got to talking and I do want to pursue
naming all my close friends after beverages. Some names
like Chris's developed right there and then. Most need to
be a little more enforced. They confuse me some times. Like
tim's mainly. Chris's is long and we are still confused
about Kathy and Christina. Christina wants Orgasm but that
doesn't fit her I don't think.
Point being that there is a wider range now. All those that
are mild, get soda names, some have little twists here and
there about that though, i.e. sprite, others more wild get
alcoholic beverage names. Here's the list:

-Pepsi = Elizabeth Frackiewicz
-Diet Pepsi = Anna Frackiewicz
-Squirt = Basia Mossakowski
* -Sprite = Stephanie Velko
-Sobe = Tim Flaherty
* -Red Bull = Karoline
-Sex on the Beach =Chris Cruzat

Yeah, I think that's the list so far. I still gotta find a
name for Kathy. She's been with me in Division, next to me
during the entrance exam at lane, all through graduation
and I still don't have a name for her.

But anyway, like I think I said before, you gotta earn your
name, you gotta have something that resembles that drink.
Like sprite isn't mild but she looked like a sprite in her
toga so since sprite is also a drink we put the two and two
together. Or Karoline. I just gave her that cause she can
be hyper, but mainly cause her hair is always red, and an
aditions is this, though she doesn't know I meant it when I
told her, she's full of bull. This isn't literal, it just
mean that sometimes she lets me down. It's not too bad of a
relationship. I understand it when she does. It's like a
father who has to provide for his family by going far away
on business trips. She's just liked I guess. It used to
really bother me, but I've grown accustomed to the buzz.

Anyway though, they were trying to get a name for me of a
beverage. But for those who didn't yet know,

The meal ended, and Sex on the Beach just took the check
and payed. We wondered why he insists on doing stuff like
this. Well we payed him back anyway, we know what we
picked, what it cost so there, ha. I think he means nothing
bad, he just wants to be a gentleman, maybe sometimes he
just wants to show off that he can pay for 8 people's
meals. He opened the door for me when we went to the
bowling place and I keep ending up driving with him. I
don't know what to take by that.

Besides all that though, Christina and I got to talk. In
Polish for everyone else not to understand us. We started
talking about relationships. How we're not getting enough.
By this conversation I realized that a major factor in me
not having a boyfriend is that I don't know what I want. I
neglect everything I see, except when a guy is usually out
of my league. I'm confused. The good looking guys are often
cocky, the bad looking guys I'm too shallow to like, or
there's some additional things I find bad with them.

Worst of all I might be developing a thing for Chris. He's
nice, very gentlemenly, but I think the first thing I liked
about him was his car. It was hard not to notice. I always
wanted moments like that but with a boyfriend. I wanted to
be the damsel. The guy would pick me up in his car. At
first it didn't matter what car, you know how guys like to
have nice toys though, and that one falls in nicely. The
guy's like me in many ways. Music selection, the constant
booty dancing, need for diffent entertainment. So when he
asked me at Denny's what would his name be, I looked at him
while everyone was looking at me think. He was smiling and
the first and only thing that popped into my head was Sex
on the beach. I mean that's pretty much where I got to know
him. I'm sure I've seen him in Eric's parties, haven't
cared much though, maybe he even came to one of Pepsi's
beach get together's but I don't remember that either. So
too bad it's not shorter but fits him. Other then that he's
also a good dresser, has a nice smile, and another freaky
thing. I was looking at him when we were dancing in the
bowling alley. This beat when he was going left when I was
going right, it worked out nicely. Both of us bobbin our
heads slightly. I looked at him and I saw Eric. I made
myself see him for a while. I used to like Eric, but he was
one of those guys that were great cause could keep a
conversation, be gentlemen, well raised, kinda cute, but
could never be, that boy was just too weird for me. Now
ironic enough Christina bluntly states out of no where:
Chris is so much better then Eric. Everyone laughs. It's
true. Now that I flash back on all this I see, that this
might just be a guy I can hit it off with, or I don't know
what. This guy dances with me even though he has a
girlfriend. Is that just a title or are they swingers?
Maybe he prefers another, maybe he does like me? Who knows,
I kinda care, and who would know that out of all the things
I liked about one guy, are reinforced in another even

I'm tying to get this to rhyme now and I hate that.

When I do that not on purpuse it's cool, but if it starts
being about the rhyme it's no longer about the message. And
this is not a rhyming book, it's my freaking journal. I
stil wonder though. About that and what I just read online
about a foam party. I'd rather go to vibe, I'm more
familiar with it, but it might be deserted and the whole
website is weird eversince they canceled fridays. They
pretty much deleted all their records past may. It even
says that an upcoming event is a may 25th foam party. There
should be one soon, I think they have one every month. Then
again I'm not sure since they've only been open for a
little over 2. Only had 2 foam parties. I don't know what
they'te like in zero, I wonder. Well, I'll take it up with
the clan.

Some of us have decided that we don't have jobs, or we have
crappy jobs so we wanna do as much free or cheap activities
as possible. Tomorrow is still ladies night at the pool
place so I might go with Steph and others. Plus I got
tennis, and I got the idea of a picnic in the forest
preserve since that's where the gang left after going to
drop me and Christina off at my house...

(Where I eventually snached the keys while my parents were
sleeping and dropped off Christina. She told me such weird
stories about the cemetary that didn't want to make me go
with them, and kept my eyes opened when I went to sleep.)
They were gonna go the cememtary as well and they did. I
got home and in bed before my parents noticed. That was
just too amzaing that I could pull that off. Besides, I got
an hours extension anyway and my parents hate it when I do
that. Besides it's aweful unresponciblity of my friends not
to drop off Christina but continue with their plans and
risk me getting in trouble for it. Have my parents found
out they would of thought them so irrisponcible and another
con for me to hang with them.

... I was thinking of a nice day we all get together and
have some fun in the day. I can bring our small barbeque,
it's very convenient for travel if we wanna do something
like that. It'd be fun, but who knows when is the next time
we can hang all together and during the day. So many people
work. That's why we hang during the night. Especially since
school starts the numbers drop. I just got the idea of a
nice way to cool off during the summer that's free. Water
war. I got super soaker and balloons. Eric has one too,
plus a jar full of small water pistols. It'd be cool if we
could arrange for something around their house or combine
it with the forest preserve trip thing.

Well I think I've just about written my buns off for now, I
will not check wheather this was the longest entry yet,
instead I'll go to sleep. I have by far too many entries to
check on such matters. So I say Good day to you.

I said good day!