Euphoric Nothingness
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2003-08-24 18:18:33 (UTC)

When the Music's Over

I would like to start this entry by giving credit to Jim
Morrison and The Doors for the journal entry title. It's
plagarism if I don't give them credit so I have not

The journal title has special significance. You see,
sometime between about 3PM Friday night and noon Saturday,
someone or some people broke into my truck and stole my 2
10" subs, my 1-year old stereo, and my collection of CDs
that I have worked on since the 8th grade. The inside
damage to the dash area has made the truck completely
undrivable and has caused a major disruption and
inconvenience the weekend before I am supposed to start
what is possibly the most important semester of my
undergraduate career.

I guess the most significant loss for me was the CD
collection. There were approximately 50 CDs in the case.
A lot of them meant a lot to me and had a special place in
my life. Some of the albums lost are some of the best to
have ever been made. These include 3 Doors CDs, 5-7 Led
Zeppelin, 2 Hendrix, 4 Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in
Chains, Godsmack, 4 Pink Foyd, AC/DC, and others. I can
tolerate the loss of the subs and the stereo, but losing
my music is very devastating. I have times when I tear up
just thinking about my loss. This has been very hard on

Anybody that remotely knows me understands how much music
means to me. I don't see it as a tool to show off and a
source of entertainment. To me, music is an extention of
me. There have been times in my life where music has
helped me get through difficult periods, overcome
adversities, get hyper and excited, and help me focus on
an important test or exam. And now it's gone and I feel
like I have been kicked in the balls and spit on in the
face. What has happened is very disrespectful and
discouraging. Just thinking about losing the music, my
music, makes me tear up.

At this point, I am glad that I still have the truck.
Sure I'll be without a vehicle for a few days, but it
could have been much worse. I could have lost my precious
truck that I have loved for the past 4 years. There could
have been much more damage. I mean, sure I lost something
that means a lot to me, but I could have lost it all. And
I thank the good Lord above that I still have the truck.

My friends and family that I have told have been so
supportive during this difficult time. They have given me
hope and strength to carry myself on and not mope in my
sadness. Travis has given me several rides and my mom has
been dealing with the insurance company. Their support
has been amazing and I thank them for their efforts.
Without the people that I cherish close to me, I think
that I would be in much worse shape than I am in now.

And with that I think I have said enough on this topic for
now. It's not easy losing something you love but it is
merely material possessions. It could have been much much
worse. I know I will recover from this, but I am will do
so with some changes in the way I listen to music, and I
will be much more careful with the albums that I cherish.

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