2003-08-24 17:42:15 (UTC)

when im queen, i will insist

on perfect scars upon my wrists,
and all the tears that we have cried will suck back in our

i love this band. im so mad i woke up late. even though
it feels nice to wake up naturally on my own, not because
i HAVE to at the ass crack of dawn. like tomorrow.
although its really not that bad when he wakes me up. im
kinda still happy to get up and be with him even at that
awful hour.

It's funny how little my Dad knows me. If he was going to
make me a sandwich, you would think that he would know
that I like swiss cheese, not yellow american and that i
absolutely hate mayonaisse. And that I much prefer white
bread to wheat. Maybe I'm being a bitch to complain about
it but. It happens all the time. When I wake up in the
morning to the rare occasion that he's NOT being an
asshole, why why why does he insist on having fixed me
eggs and potatoes? i dont WANT that shit in the morning.
in the morning all i can usually think of eating is an
apple or a smoothie, without feeling sick for the rest of
the day.

Anyway I have like a TON of stuf to do today. School
starts Tuesday and I'm going to be as organized as I
possibly CAN be. I want to dye my hair today too. Fuck
waiting til I have a job. I've been waiting MONTHS to do
it until I have a good job. I'm just going to do it. And
I'm going to get all the rest of my shit cleaned and
organized in order today and I'll make it through this week
and every consecutive week until something good happens.