Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2003-08-24 16:25:22 (UTC)

birthday week

ok so I should update everyone on my birthday week.

Sunday was spent with my family. It was great. they all
gave me money for me to save for LA, And my brother and I
made charcoal burgers and hotdogs

then on my b-day (Wednesday) Shaunna (girlfriend) gave me
the best b-day ever
we got tattoos, went shopping, ate, and opened presents my
birthday gifts were: 2 t-shirts, a microphone, a cd
player, a jesus nightlight, straws, pair of jeans, money,
a beatles cd, a beach boys cd, the best of Will ferrell on
SNL, a white belt, tickets to radiohead, and stuff for my

I think I might be having the best birthday ever.
I know I have the best girlfriend ever.

the rest of the week we had a show, I worked and we had a
party. The party was real cool cause we had another party
combine with ours. And so it is confirmed pacifico knows
how to party.

Today it's lunch with Shaunna's family and then church.
And somewhere hopefully somemore sleep.

cd-brand new / deja entendu -I hate punk and hardcore but
I love this album
book-well I read Haggi in the bible it's a good book if
you feel like you don't have time to do anything
movie-Will Ferrels greatest moments on SNL -ok um can we
say maybe the funniest thing i have ever seen...period,