would the world stop spinning
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2003-08-24 11:39:39 (UTC)

empty in between

so today is aug 24th... 10 days more than two months...
already more than i ever could have hoped for,you alone.
my heart has been broken for days,i made of a
million mistakes i COULD have made,but enough to ruin this
of all things. now i have no idea where i stand,except this
one spot that i'm in and to afraid to move,scared i'll take
a step in the wrong direction and loose
scared i'll drop this glass i'm holding and it'll shatter.
i can't stand the thought that this is all my falt and i
may never get to tough your lips again.
funny i was the one not too long ago who wasn't sure i
could finish what i started,only for different reasons,
and all i want now is a chance to prove to you that i can
be all you wanted and needed.
how do you even go about that?? how do you tell someone
who's afraid of the dark that they will be fine in a room
with no windows?? you cant really..but you can stand beside
them and deal with it too,be scared as well...i'm tring to
hide it as best i can,but i can't help but tell you that
all ready i'm so scared of losing you. this hurts me
horrably. i never expected to fall like this,so fast and so
easy... for a while i didnt even want to...but i never
expected you to be what you are. i never expected this all
to hurt so bad, but it's pretty crushing in all reality. i
can't believe i've cried so much lately..i don't like
crying really,some people really enjoy the emotional
release.. i feel weak when i do it.. and you have that
kinda impact on me. i've cried everyday since wensday from
what i remember and i have a feeling that tonight wasn't
the last time before this is all over that i will.
how do i go about finding the girl i wished on stars for
and totally falling with no place to land??