for show and tell
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2003-08-24 10:08:35 (UTC)



I am happy. I am not. I am a shell. I am a flower.
Damn Sonata. ANGST.

Anyway, my legs are hurting, and I stink. I'm bored, and
that usually brings depression, but I've been laughing for
a while, imagining sitting with Val on a train across from
Nomura Tetsuya, Uematsu Nobuo, and Shimomura Yoko. And we
were being dorks, and they found us slightly amusing but
odd regardless. Why do I make such fantasies? Because it
amuses me. And me alone. I am alone, hence I may amuse
myself as I please.

I'm still obsessed with Kingdom Hearts. Probably will be
until KH2 comes out. GOD I am pissed that I don't have a
PS2. But by that time, I will either have one or be living
with Val, especially since she's bloody well got one.

And, uhr... I created these three guys, and they finally
have names. They're all.. tribal... kinda... like what
Nomura Tetsuya might pull from his ass, or something. 'Just
a nothing'. One's Slate, because I can't think of ANY name
for him, and he's my latest. I just started drawing, and he
came out. Kinda more tribal than the others. He lives in a
desert city and is a homeless and parentless thief. eee.

Then there's Lian, who I made like a Destiny Islands
resident. He's probably.... the most interesting. I like
his hair and shoes.

And then there's Penthon, the first one I did. I just
registered the name at KingdomH, but then I made the
drawing for him. He's the kiddo of the three. He looks not
so tribal, but like.... regressed future, or something. I
dunno the style. He's colourblind. Isn't that original?
Anyway, he wears many dull colours because he's colourblind
to brighter ones. Huzzah. Like in Pirates. Huzzah. Haha.

Anyway, life is good. And if not, you're just depressed.