Finding my Light
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2003-08-24 08:54:25 (UTC)

True Dancers...

Okay this is just one of my moments where I go off on a
subject that has been on my mind and I need to ge it out.
So don't think that this has anything to do with my life
right now because it doesn't.
Lately I've been thinking about what it takes to be a
true dancer. I've seen professional dancers and I've seen
dancers at clubs just having fun and doing whatever and
I've come to a very odd conclusion. It doesn't take good
technique or their level of ability. It takes passion and
the pure enjoyment of dancing. Like if you see a
professional dancer perform but has no passion or feeling
behind the dance becomes cold and uneasy to watch. But if
you watch a person dance just dance with no technique but
she had passion and feeling behind it the eyes get more
pleasure out of it then watching a dancer that is cold.
For example professional ballet dancers are true
dancers. They are trained to feel the music and the dance
they are taught. If they never learn to feel what they are
suppose to protray with the dance then they won't ever be
able to dance professionally.
It really doesn't matter what type of dancing you do as
long as you feel the music and put passion behind your
dance. Anyone can learn technique. Passion is something
you're born with and cannot learn.

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