Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2003-08-24 06:16:08 (UTC)

Veggie-Tales, veggie-tales, veggie-tales, veggie-tales...

I finally got the humor in those Veggie-tales videos...
after all this time... No eureka, or epiphany, or anything
else like that, I just started hearing myself laugh and
chuckle at the jokes, all of a gradually...

Ugh...I finally let go of my analytical brain, and just
started shooting off from the mouth about whatever popped
up in my head, and it felt good. While doing it, I still
held on to a trace of a thought about whether whatever I
was saying was making any sense, but come home-time, it
felt good to release the stuff that was burrowed deep
within... But, I think that it is a side of me that will
always be there, so I just have to release the little demon
out of his cage ever once in a while, to let him flex his
legs, stretch his arms, arch his back, turn his neck... or,
I can turn within into prayer and meditation, and find out
the root cause of what is ailing me... It is fear of the
unknown, giddy anticipation, a cloaked future that is
unknown to me....this, from where it used to be, but I
don't really want to go back there, so never mind, but its
flaw is still that of pride, and anger, and gluttony for
more power...

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