Kat Eyes
2003-08-24 05:40:41 (UTC)


AmazingTab: hey again
StArLeTt110: hey hun
AmazingTab: :-)
StArLeTt110: :-)
AmazingTab: i really like it when you call me that...
StArLeTt110: :-D
AmazingTab: it makes us feel like more of a couple
StArLeTt110: yea
StArLeTt110: i'll stop teasing u..i shouldn't do it
AmazingTab: why shouldn't you?
StArLeTt110: cause..its mean
AmazingTab: so?
StArLeTt110: so..i don't want to be mean to you..you're my
StArLeTt110: do you want me to tease you?
AmazingTab: lol
AmazingTab: only if eventually... the shoe will be on the
other foot
StArLeTt110: ok
AmazingTab: make sense?
StArLeTt110: no
AmazingTab: lol
StArLeTt110: a lil bit
AmazingTab: are we eventually going to have fun with
AmazingTab: ?
StArLeTt110: i dk
AmazingTab: lol
AmazingTab: you're missing my point
StArLeTt110: no im not i get it
AmazingTab: ok...
AmazingTab: grr...
StArLeTt110: ..?
AmazingTab: i took a shower... it didn't help much
StArLeTt110: lol
StArLeTt110: that was funny what u said though
StArLeTt110: it was really funny...especially cause it was
an accident
AmazingTab: i need to get off?
StArLeTt110: yea..i dk it was just funny
AmazingTab: you just think it was....
AmazingTab: lol
StArLeTt110: LOL
StArLeTt110: thats great
AmazingTab: lol
AmazingTab: teaser
StArLeTt110: i feel bad....
StArLeTt110: lol
AmazingTab: why?
StArLeTt110: i dk
StArLeTt110: i do
AmazingTab: you
StArLeTt110: about the whole teasing thing....
AmazingTab: oh... why?
StArLeTt110: well...it doesnt make it any easier for you
AmazingTab: lol
AmazingTab: kat... im a good boy....
AmazingTab: i can be as good as you want me to be...
AmazingTab: im not going to move
StArLeTt110: i know but....it doesnt make it easier
StArLeTt110: lol....
AmazingTab: VERY TRUE... but im not gonna go cry about it...
StArLeTt110: lol
AmazingTab: one of these days... im just going to tackle
you... then ill be fine
StArLeTt110: lol ok
StArLeTt110: i also dont want to be seen by yer rents
AmazingTab: LOL
AmazingTab: forget them
StArLeTt110: i love u
AmazingTab: i love you too baby
StArLeTt110: muah
AmazingTab: muah
AmazingTab: and you have to see me tomorrow, cause im
holding your schedual hostage
StArLeTt110: u have my schedule?
AmazingTab: mmhmm
StArLeTt110: lol
StArLeTt110: what do i have to do to get it back
StArLeTt110: lol
AmazingTab: really now?
StArLeTt110: lol
StArLeTt110: maybe
AmazingTab: lol... you have to love me
StArLeTt110: but i already do
AmazingTab: lol
AmazingTab: i thought it was cute... but if thats not
StArLeTt110: .....
AmazingTab: are we being serious?
StArLeTt110: yes
AmazingTab: ack...
StArLeTt110: ...?
AmazingTab: kat... you have to initiate anything
StArLeTt110: ok
AmazingTab: cause you really hold all the cards...
StArLeTt110: ok
AmazingTab: so... is loving me enough?
StArLeTt110: ...?
StArLeTt110: *lost*
AmazingTab: LOL
AmazingTab: you said "what do i have to do to get my
svhedual back?"
StArLeTt110: yes
AmazingTab: and i said "love me"
StArLeTt110: yes
AmazingTab: and you said "but i already do that"
StArLeTt110: ye
StArLeTt110: s
AmazingTab: so
AmazingTab: ?
StArLeTt110: its a though
StArLeTt110: *thought
AmazingTab: ...what is?
StArLeTt110: nvm
AmazingTab: grrr...
AmazingTab: ok
StArLeTt110: you want me to come over tommorow?
AmazingTab: yes yes
StArLeTt110: ok
StArLeTt110: do you want me to bring o brother where art
AmazingTab: if you want
StArLeTt110: lol ok
AmazingTab: geez ive got it bad
StArLeTt110: got...what
AmazingTab: get out of my head
AmazingTab: lol
StArLeTt110: lol
AmazingTab: nothing
StArLeTt110: i get it
AmazingTab: lol
AmazingTab: gosh.... come over like now
StArLeTt110: lol ok
AmazingTab: bring handcuffs
StArLeTt110: ok
AmazingTab: ahhhh
AmazingTab: i scare me
AmazingTab: sometimes
StArLeTt110: i scare me too
AmazingTab: you dont scare me
StArLeTt110: well..me being scared/not trusting myself
would be beneficial for you if u didnt feel abd
StArLeTt110: *bad
AmazingTab: but i do, cause i care about you
StArLeTt110: i know
AmazingTab: :-
AmazingTab: we'll get passed it someday
StArLeTt110: ok
AmazingTab: past*
AmazingTab: i dunno
AmazingTab: ACK.... Tainted love video...
AmazingTab: there's you....
StArLeTt110: ahahahahaha
AmazingTab: ACK
StArLeTt110: i'm the chick w/ the overalls
StArLeTt110: lol
AmazingTab: so i get to turn you goth... and we get to play
in the hottub?
AmazingTab: lol
AmazingTab: j/k
StArLeTt110: there is a bug in my keyboard
AmazingTab: hmm
StArLeTt110: they're EVERYWHERE
AmazingTab: which key?
StArLeTt110: omg
StArLeTt110: the lights r off
AmazingTab: lol
StArLeTt110: and the bugs like the light of my screen
StArLeTt110: they're everywhere its like men in black
StArLeTt110: they're crawling out of my keyboard, walking
on my soda, etc. its creepy
StArLeTt110: would me being goth make a difference?
StArLeTt110: download the way you like it by adema
AmazingTab: i know that song well
AmazingTab: i dont know.... we could be like goth king and
queen of our school
StArLeTt110: lol
StArLeTt110: thatd be great..if we were prom king and queen
and all black
StArLeTt110: lol everyone would be like WTF
AmazingTab: please baby
StArLeTt110: :-
StArLeTt110: can you do me a HUGE favor?
AmazingTab: how huge?
StArLeTt110: take a pic w/ the digicam of the cat in brooks
painting and email ti to me
StArLeTt110: *it
AmazingTab: ???
AmazingTab: cat in brooks?
StArLeTt110: ok well i dk if brooks would be..pissed
StArLeTt110: in her painting
AmazingTab: OHHHH
AmazingTab: ok
AmazingTab: i can...
AmazingTab: brb
StArLeTt110: i want a likeness of it on my surfboard
StArLeTt110: thank you
AmazingTab: brb
StArLeTt110: ok
AmazingTab: got it
StArLeTt110: thank you
AmazingTab: email it to you?
StArLeTt110: si
StArLeTt110: i dk if i can directly connect..and my comp
only saves pics in bmp format
AmazingTab: ill send it to you via email
StArLeTt110: ok
AmazingTab: i have new mail
AmazingTab: from christina
StArLeTt110: christina?
AmazingTab: mastrogiovani
StArLeTt110: i dk her
StArLeTt110: wait
StArLeTt110: that last name sounds fimiliar
AmazingTab: ok
AmazingTab: email addrs?
StArLeTt110: [email protected]
AmazingTab: ok
StArLeTt110: muchas gracias
AmazingTab: yeah
AmazingTab: sent it
StArLeTt110: ok
AmazingTab: ahhh
StArLeTt110: ...?
AmazingTab: i cant stop thinking about it...
StArLeTt110: lol
StArLeTt110: the handcuffs?
AmazingTab: no... you
AmazingTab: AHHH
StArLeTt110: lol imsry
AmazingTab: im like 13 again
StArLeTt110: is that good?
AmazingTab: it's ok
AmazingTab: i dunno
StArLeTt110: uh oh
AmazingTab: all of a sudden it's like SEX SEX SEX
StArLeTt110: :-(
AmazingTab: it hurts my personality
StArLeTt110: Nocuous Inferno: ur icon makes me SOOOOO happy
AmazingTab: i know
AmazingTab: LOL
StArLeTt110: i told you
AmazingTab: lol
StArLeTt110: lol
AmazingTab: yeah
AmazingTab: you did
StArLeTt110: :-)
StArLeTt110: how does it hurt ur personality?
AmazingTab: im like thinking...
AmazingTab: and i have a very good imagination...
AmazingTab: AHHHH
StArLeTt110: :-(
StArLeTt110: i dont want to make you...yea...upset
AmazingTab: im like.. big room... 4 poster... ahh it's
kat.. she's handcuffed... ack
AmazingTab: im not upset... im like giddy
AmazingTab: i cant take it
StArLeTt110: :-(
AmazingTab: dont be sad
AmazingTab: no one has made me giddy in quite sometime
StArLeTt110: but..it brings sadness
StArLeTt110: sry
AmazingTab: not sadness
StArLeTt110: im glad i make u giddy
AmazingTab: lol
AmazingTab: me too
AmazingTab: i love you kat
StArLeTt110: :-)
StArLeTt110: i love you too
AmazingTab: :-)
AmazingTab: im gonna like jog to your house...
AmazingTab: ACK
StArLeTt110: no no
AmazingTab: i should be better by tomorrow
StArLeTt110: no more walking/jogging/using feet as
transportation..its FAR
StArLeTt110: ok
AmazingTab: lol
AmazingTab: but i have to like.. jump you like a crazed
AmazingTab: lol
StArLeTt110: lol
StArLeTt110: ok
AmazingTab: sorry
AmazingTab: ill stop now
StArLeTt110: ill stop encouraging
AmazingTab: if you want
StArLeTt110: i dont want to make things harder
AmazingTab: LOL
StArLeTt110: dammit
StArLeTt110: thats not what i meant
StArLeTt110: lol
AmazingTab: which is why it's funny
StArLeTt110: but....i dont want to make things more
AmazingTab: ok avril
StArLeTt110: lol sry
StArLeTt110: well i cant think of another word that means
erection or pertains to sex in any way, shape or form
StArLeTt110: *that doesnt mean
StArLeTt110: goddammit
AmazingTab: lol
AmazingTab: difficult....
StArLeTt110: ok
StArLeTt110: that works
StArLeTt110: i dont want to make things more difficult
StArLeTt110: :-
AmazingTab: ok
AmazingTab: kat... i can handle it
AmazingTab: ill just go find some porn or something
StArLeTt110: ok
StArLeTt110: lol
AmazingTab: i dont know
AmazingTab: lol
StArLeTt110: ok
AmazingTab: ok
AmazingTab: gemma is yelling at me
StArLeTt110: why?
AmazingTab: lol
AmazingTab: cause she is an idiot who can not see past her
StArLeTt110: o
StArLeTt110: ?
AmazingTab: lol
StArLeTt110: what happened?
AmazingTab: why do i always laugh when things happen
StArLeTt110: i dk
AmazingTab: stupid caitlin
AmazingTab: stupid gemma
StArLeTt110: what happened
AmazingTab: something profoundly stupid
StArLeTt110: uh oh
AmazingTab: LOL
AmazingTab: not quite
StArLeTt110: no what happened
AmazingTab: caitlin is playing games
StArLeTt110: why
AmazingTab: she feels that if we break up.. i will come back
StArLeTt110: o
StArLeTt110: is she hanging w/ gemma?
AmazingTab: no no...
AmazingTab: she tells gemma things
StArLeTt110: o
AmazingTab: some of them true, some of them not...
StArLeTt110: whats true
AmazingTab: and it's real hysterical to watch gemma stand
up for it all
AmazingTab: and never question it
AmazingTab: like stupid stuff is true
StArLeTt110: what is she saying thats true
AmazingTab: questions
StArLeTt110: you're nto going to tell me.
AmazingTab: ladylimpaylot: y would u invite ur gf to hang
out with u when u were already hanging out with someone who
u know loves u and would be hurt by it
AmazingTab: that's not a real question... more of a
StArLeTt110: o
StArLeTt110: i shouldnt have been there today
AmazingTab: lol
AmazingTab: no.. she needs to deal with it
StArLeTt110: no i really shouldnt have
AmazingTab: lol
AmazingTab: if you say so
AmazingTab: kat... if anyone ever tells you something about
my past... you let it bounce right off you ok?
StArLeTt110: why are you asking me this
AmazingTab: it's less of a question... more of an
instruction that should be followed if you dont want to
wind up believing half-truths and hearsay
StArLeTt110: ok
AmazingTab: because no one holds my strings... i am no ones
puppet... and people want to bring me down with them
StArLeTt110: ok
AmazingTab: sorry
AmazingTab: im just really pissed
StArLeTt110: for what?
StArLeTt110: this may sound wierd..but if caitlin had a
problem w/ me being there, why did she agree to it?
AmazingTab: because deep down, she knows that she cant have
me... and that she's trying to salvage a friendship...
while still trying to hold onto more... it's quite melo-
dramitc of her
StArLeTt110: :-
StArLeTt110: ok
StArLeTt110: yea....
AmazingTab: yeah
AmazingTab: im like gonna kick some ass
StArLeTt110: no dont
AmazingTab: i know..
AmazingTab: i shouldn't...
StArLeTt110: no you shouldnt
StArLeTt110: Nocuous Inferno: =-O