taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2003-08-24 04:42:40 (UTC)

drunkewn behaviour 101

I had a hell of a time logging into rthis diary placew I
learned sometihng vcau]luable tonight. #1 mikew is a can be
descrieb ed as hilarity when he is drtunk NDS #2 calling
random rgils on your phone after midnight is not
nesccessarily the best idea. but i digress. TYhis was a
fun -[partyt. I was able to spend time witb my long loist
friends of yeatrs past and the beer made that ebndevour
eaaaaasier than normal/. Veeronica, i fodnt think tyhat ui
can ake it until 1:15ish however....I really dont wenjoy
suhbmiting drunk diaryt entiries but this activity seems a
[ppealing when i am drunk, i may- never uindedrstand it./
Aquote from the song i am currently listening too....

"This is not a model fit for anyt mold"
- ht water music

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