Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-08-23 23:19:54 (UTC)

Upper Middle Playground Of The Rich And Famous.

I'm nither rich nor famous, I don't hide either of those
facts. Its not like I fritter stupid amounts of money away
on Romanian strikers only to release really talented
younger ones to people only a little inferior to myself,
no I don't do that. I don't have to wear glasses and a hat
to avoid detection from groups of fans on the street,
unless the police count as a group of fans.

I'd like to think I know what the difference between real
and, well, not real is. In a 'Keep it real' way. Oh, but
I'm pretentious. I can't eat packaged chocolate. People
can't mix my hot drinks with a spoon. My favourite bottled
water costs 85p and is imported from Italy. I HAVE a
favourite bottled water. All of these things scream a
sheltered childhood...not knowing where the real world is.
I dispute both of those things. Certainly, I did not have
a sheltered childhood, I grew up...not the roughest of the
rough, but in sandpaper terms it was a low grain. We're
talking 50 here over say 200 of people I know.

Now though, I'm an adult. What's more, I'm white, I am
middle class, and I have a degree. Round Huddersfield
people see me as being quite the posh type. Elsewhere
people see me as some big northern clown who knows a lot
about things that aren't as important as money or
politics. But, you see, because I was brought up with a
working class ethic, neither of those things really ring
my bell.

If I have enough money to live on, great. If I can afford
85p for my water, awesome, if I can't I do without, I
won't get a cheap substitute, there's no point. As for
politicians, why should I believe any one of them over any
of the others? They all have the ultimately same aim, so
as long as I keep my eye in and appreciate the people who
are doing good in the world (See the Mayor Giuliani of New
York - and his successor, too - though obviously I am
still open to criticism of either, Giuliani did what he
did to keep people's respect in a situation of global
unprecedence) I'd rather have sport, with
people 'honestly' competing against one another. Whyever
not? At least I can understand it.

Any reason for this ranting? fact I missed out
what I wanted to say. It was about pretentiousness. I have
elements of ptns (ab.) but they are not core to my being
and, importantly, I can cope with them being laughed at. I
could get nowhere if I couldn't. But I want to know where
I drew the line in taste in women (I'm talking celebrities
here, I was spurred on by an FHM thing I read
was a report in something...not an actual FHM, not that I
disapprove, but if I was going to buy a mag it would be
Q). I want to know where I drew the line of thinking
that...yes, Jordan is a bint and I don't find her
attractive (I don't even find her intriguing, she's just
like some rank freak that I can't look at) but that, say,
for old times' sake on here, Kate Winslet IS attractive?
Why the shying away from the Page 3 mindset? Not to say
that I find all Page 3 girls unattractive, but I need more
than a pair of breasts to go 'Whoarh! She's nice!' so they
tend not to weave their way into my yearly top 10.

Maybe its the short hair thing? Maybe I just like people
who look like you COULD meet them in real life - although
I'd be very lucky to catch Charlize Theron browsing the
courgettes in Tesco anytime soon (Insert your own overly
crude 'browse my courgette anytime' gag here)...but people
who look, to all intents and purposes, real.

There it is again...reality. Yet I hate its TV format....

This may come back again soon.

WILT? Arms Of Love - R.E.M., I love this song so much, I
owe someone a thankyou for re-introducing me to it, there
was a time when it over-rid my speakers, but not any more.