ramblings of a madwoman
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2003-08-23 21:12:37 (UTC)

I'm done with it.

To all of those who were once my friends but have gradually
phased me out of their lives, I shall say this once. "FUCK
YOU". I wasted my time and energy with you, obviously, as
I'm not good enough for you. Apparently there are much more
important things that must be done that do not include me
in any way. Thank you for fucking me over and leaving me to
suffer. Thanks for ignoring me in increments so it would
happen without even me really noticing. Thanks for placing
greater importance on naked fun than loyal friendship even
when I never did anything like that to any of you. Thanks
for letting me flounder. I'll be fine. I have more friends,
people who actually give a shit about the way I feel. I can
depend on them and they can depend on me. That's what

This will probably be my most dramatic, "poor me" entry
I'll ever post in a diary/journal, but I figure everyone is
entitled. There ya go.

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