apfel diary
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2003-08-23 15:35:13 (UTC)

hehe..i havent written anything..

hehe..i havent written anything here for a long
time.sigh,cos i always go to chinese side,seldom come here
to have a look.also,there is not much ppl come here,most of
my friends who come from hk just go to chinese side.they
have never gone to english side to take a look.it made me
no mood to improve/update any thing here.
sigh..i hurt my finger carelessly.again!! i dont know what
happened to me.how come i always getting hurt my fingers so
often?too carelessly..hehe..
today,one patient made me laughed alot.hm..this is not the
first time he make me laughed.he is a interesting/funny guy.
sigh..do u think my english getting worse?sometimes i feel
like i cant translate the chinese into english.cant speak
out what i gonna say.sigh..what should i do?