Yes this is my kool diary!
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2003-08-23 05:47:08 (UTC)


Im so excited I enterd my baby boy in a Photgraphy contest
and yesterday I got a letter saying they want to use his
picture in a book! The book will be relised this winter the
name of the book is "Endless Joruneys" The picture is also
copy righted! Im so
excited he is also eneterd in The grand prize contest to
win 10,000 dallors I hope he wins cause I can set up a
college fund with that money. Im also excited cause, Im
getting a new couch tomarrow! My old uglt couch has duct
tape on it hehe. As for Jesse and I we are doing good as of
right now a couple days ago I left and went to my mom's
house with Tyler becuse I was sick of his shit but, we
Talked and for now everything seems fine! My thighs are
hurting cause I did a work out today Im trying to get back
to 110 lbs ( my pre preg wegight) I hope I get skinny again
I have this obbseion to where I have to be thin If I look
the way I do any longer Im going to go crazy Im sick of
looking fat =( I love my baby but I dont want anymore kids.

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