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2003-08-23 05:36:33 (UTC)

Not so happy today, but still full of joy...

I had a doctors appointment today and I got some not so
cool news. I gained ten pounds in two and a half weeks, I'm
supposed to be gaining 4 or 5 a month. Well, it turns out
that the reason I gained so much is because my body has
been retaining water. As a result of this my feet have
become so swollen that the left one actually hurts when I
walk and my shoes won't fit. My right hand is also swollen,
not as bad as my foot, but swollen enough to hurt. The part
I really hated was when Dr. Solinas told us that I need to
stay off of sweets. No candy for me anymore... The only
good part about it was that she said I am forbidden from
doing dishes until after the baby is born! That means no
more cleaning after my mum and her co worker!!!!!!
YEAY!!!!! I'm not in a rush for Isaiah to be born yet! So
that's why I am bummed out. No sweets (meaning no ice
cream, chocolates, chips, soda, or even iced mochas!) in my
life are a tragedy! "If you feel like anything sweet, you
can only bite into an apple!" is what she said, that's what
she said, she said we'd be together (me and candy) after he
came, cause that's what she said.
I can't beleive the backstreet boys are no longer out
there. I always knew there'd be an end to them, but not the
way they ended. But that's okay, I no longer care.
The reason why I am still full of joy is because Jesus
loves me a lot and our heavenly father always forgives us.
It fills me with joy to know that he is willing to open up
heaven for us, even after we've drifted away for so long. I
know he loves me cause the bible tells me so. It would be
grand if you could see baby Sarah's face light up when you
sing to her that song... she even claps along with it and
smiles a lot. Monica is trying to sing it, but she keeps
saying "jesus loves you" that's all she knows, I'm trying
to teach it to her. I'm gonna see if Matthew and I can go
see Sophia tomorrow and start planning the baby shower. I'm
so anxious!!!! I wonder what the delivery will be like. I
can't wait till I can hold him in my arms!!! I better go
now, Matthew is about to come home and Monica is starting
to cry, she's tired. Poor thing. Much love to everyone. I
can't wait till my beautiful husband comes home!!!!
PS I miss my best friend.