Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
2003-08-23 05:12:26 (UTC)

Kiss Today Goodbye

Wow i cant believe im leavin for college tomorrow..well
today since its gonna miss all my freinds a
lot..i dunno what im gonna do without them..i almost cried
like 5 times today when i was sayin goodbye to ppl..i
actually teared when i said bye to was a
crazee parents were goin nuts all day and HAD to
pack the van every 5 my sis billy cheryl kim
and amanda went to see American was
funny..cindy slept all nite cuz she went to the beach
yesterday at like 2am and marissa was out with greg/at
amanda v's farewell party to was actually civil
between me and amanda v today..i had to drop the band video
off at her house and i dunno it was wierd but she hugged me
and said good luck tomorrow so i dunno..ya sorry got off
track..then i went to amanda b's to sign her yearbook and i
wrote like a gonna miss her..she makes me
laugh..MWAH!!!...and then cindy FINALLY woke up and she
went with me and cheryl to go bring back the movies we
rented...she got a camera phone which is soo not fair cuz i
wanted one but i should be gettin one round
christmas..newayz i gotta go to sleep cuz i gotta get up
early gonna miss all u guyz so much and im
never loosin touch!!..Love You ALL!!!

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