Jan's Life
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2003-08-23 03:54:10 (UTC)

~*~ wow... ~*~

Lol.. am I stuck in some game I dont know about!? Why am I
being tortured! Is it so wrong to WANT love!? Im actually
kind of worried... why can't I get over him! I want to be
with him again... I seriously love him. But okay.. a
couple weeks after he told me he liked me and all... he
said "well I've been thinking and I dont think I'm ready
for a girlfriend... yet"... but I'd still like to become
better friends. I was alright with that.. but this whole
friend crap is torture! Maybe the saying is true... that
you can't have really good guy friends. The first week of
school has been great but it's kindda gone downhill these
past couple days. I havent talked to him.. all he did
today was "bump" into me... It was cute... but I want him
to talk. Maybe I should talk!? I JUST WANT TO TALK! lol..
am I crazy!? I'm freaking myself out that I'm this
attached. There's just no other guy that treats me like he
does. It feels like I'm being tortured... how can he
change his mind like that! :(... does he KNOW how much I
like him.. should i let him know! I wish I knew the
outcomes of all these possiblities... so that maybe.. just
one... will work out! PLEASE GOD! I know u've given me
SOOOO much already... but please... I just want him one
more time! Well.. im gonna go wait for him to get on..
yes.. i am obsessed :P

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