taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2003-08-22 23:20:18 (UTC)

9 reasons to want to kick someone

Holy man, 4 entries in one day! that is truely spectacular.

I mean, I'm sitting hear doing nothing anyways right, so
why not put the 'ol hamster and wheel to work... I'm going
to look back on this day in disgust.

The reason for this one is simple. I'm am going to
highlight the examples of things that people type that I
think are dumb...

1) ~*Princess of the World*~
2) lol
3) l8er
4) O:o)
5) heys, byes, laters (what are you trying to proove with
unnescessary pluralality?)
6) rofl
7) cheers (the email ending novelty sweeping the globe)
8) how r u?
9) 2day, going 2 the store

Obviously i need to get out to bar and drink a lot of beer.
So, I'm done for at least 2 weeks. I hope everyone gets
laid within that time frame.


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