Obsurd and Undiscussed Relations
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2003-08-22 21:25:31 (UTC)

Hurry b4 it's too late...

Hey well school is startin Monday. =( and yeah, i need more
time...At least a week or so. Today was crazy, tryin to see
all muh friends b4 school. Then 2marra, busy day babi! Kev
is gonna pick us gurlz up n we're goin to Esky swimmin
again only this time w/ Sarah too!!!, goin to see "My
Boss's Daughter", hangin out, then me n Alysa are goin to
Sarah's for the nite. It's gonna kick ass man! Dunno what
the hell time it's gonna be tho bcuz movies are at 6 or so
I guess n i dunno about beach n hangin out b4 or after or
what. Need to talk to Kev n Chris tonite. Also need to
apologize to Chris for yesterday. Then I need to talk to
the other Chris n apologize to him for never calling him
back...AGAIN! I felt SO bad! Stupid f*ckin fight! Ugh!

K, see ya.