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2003-08-22 18:19:15 (UTC)

Seperate and Equal is not Equal

The homosexual marriage debate continues to roar on in
Ottawa. Everything including the kitchen sick has been
thrown around on the battle feild of this issue and i think
old right wing convervative and traditon-marred dogma
monger arguments are standing on their final leg.

This whole thing is totally absurd. As it stands right now,
homosexual Canadians are permited to marry, and enjoy all
the related 'pleasentries' associated with the institution
save the name. Homosexual marriages are to be called "civil
unions". Many old-school religious fanatics and
conservatives have thus excliamed the following, "Ok, they
now have all the rights of a married couple, but we don't
want to call it 'marriage' because it will in some way
shape or form harm the institution. So 'civil union' is
appropriate for them."

This might not seem like such a big deal, but it is a
tremendous deal. Consider this analogy as illustrated on
580 CFRA am radio....

Say you have publically-funded water fountions throught the
city or country. These fountains are permitted to be used
by anyone except gay people. Instead, there are other
publically-funded water fountains, fountains exactly the
same, same water distribution, same encasing, same same
same, EXCEPT they are designated for gays only. Seperate
and equal is not equal. The same can be said with black
people segrated from white schools years ago.

It is time that these people who claim 'to have nothing
against gays' stop, take a breath of fresh air and let
everyone have access to their water fountain.