Alisha's Journal
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2003-08-22 16:35:34 (UTC)


It began with someone much like you.
I really did like you.
And it seemed to be a blast,
but baby,
you've turned into past.
I really do miss you.
That's not what i need.
I actually like another.
His name wont be well known.
He somehow reminds me of you,
that's why im still alone.

So, if you understand what i say,
im sorry things didn't go the right way.
But i promised you friendship...
and thats how it must stay.
Heres a hug and a kiss,
for the one,
i think i truely miss.
and to the future, for what i think it is.

It's not really finished....because im sorta living it,
so...dont take it! ITS MINE!!!