Alisha's Journal
2003-08-22 04:32:46 (UTC)

Perfect Guy

Perfect Guy.
When you grow up,
it’s not happening over night.
Time goes by,
wasted or right.
You learn your lessons,
well, you might.
If you don’t, you will someday,
I promise,
just please, this one time…


It can hurt,
you may cry.
You may laugh,
but don’t rely,
on some guy.

He will hurt you.
Or maybe make you cry,
I’m afraid of him telling you,
that I will only deny.
If he does,
I will try, not to hurt this one guy.

Then one day,
I’ll see the truth.
That he’s the one,
and only for you.
He loves you dear,
as much as I,
this is why,
I have already decided,
on this one guy.

It will hurt.
I may cry.
I may laugh,
but I will rely,
on, this one and only,
perfect guy.

**this is MINE, not yours. again.**

but, let me know how it is....bad? good? so/so? 1 is bad, 5
is good...rate it. please?