Brad`s Journal
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2003-08-22 02:01:55 (UTC)

What going on with me???

I just don’t understand it. Everyone’s happy except for me.
Everyone’s finding someone to be with except for me. I just
don’t understand what I have done wrong in life. It just
sucks. Everyone is finding someone except for ME!!! It’s
really hard for me to accept the fact that everyone that I
know other then me has someone special in his or her lives.
And I don’t mean friends. I MEAN REALATIONSHIPS.
I just don’t know what to do this has been an ongoing
saga in my life for a while now I just don’t know what to
do. Maybe I should just give up? Who knows what I will do
but what ever I do I just hope people remember the guy that
I am & the guy that I will become. Weather it`s a good
thing or a bad thing I don`t know I just can`t take being
alone anymore. We will see what happens.


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