chevs life
2003-08-21 23:10:11 (UTC)

Back to School...Back to School...

Oh boy, well this is the moment I've been dreading all
summer. What moment, you ask? The moment I would have to
step back into that jail we all call school.


The first day was actually pretty easy considering it's not
very long. First thing that sucked... lockers were so hard
to find! Like I seriously think that in the whole school
there are only like 2 lockers left. I knew there had to be
something wrong here. We started with the assembly as
usual. It was unreal how many new people we had! Holy crap.
Every year I've been there, it was possible for every
student to fit in the bleachers but this year, the
bleachers were packed AND there were people all over the
floor. It was insane. Then we had our three hours off and I
went out for breakfast (tradition) and then to the mall.
There we saw those sad little grade 9s all dressed up by
the grade 12s. It made my day :D When we got back to school
I had to spend agonizing 10 minutes in every class.


This was definitely the day of hell. GRRRR. I hate Mr.
Morin... I'm in Christian Ethics with him and he's soooooo
boring and gay when it comes to that class. He doesn't have
a clue what he's talking about. Then there was Bio which I
actually like very much. Mr. Cruz is pretty cool so I can
stand to listen to all the boring stuff. Then there's
history with Mr. Turcotte which isn't interesting but is
history ever? Then there's math with Mr. Toth, pretty fun
when we get off topic (just like last year). And finally
Chem with Mr. Gottselig. I don't mind him anymore so it's
an alright class. But thank God I got called to the office
to change my schedule (I had Mrs. Yates for English 2nd
semester so I changed my whole schedule just so I wouldn't
have to be in her class. I hate her.) So I now I have Chem
first class and art in french last class with Mr Morin.
That class with him, I can handle because he actually knows
his stuff about art and plus art's fun! The only downside
to it is I'll have to take my English 20 next year along
with my two grade 12 Englishes (3 english classes) but
it'll be worth it just so that I don't have to be in that
class. PRAISE THE LORD! I am gonna shoot all the hockey
players and grade 9s. They all clog up the hall so it takes
like my whole break just to get to my locker. I'm gonna
start checking them all into walls.


My new classes work great for me. I'm under alot less
stress so it's SOOOOO worth it :D My Chem class has a few
of my friends in it and the art class is fun cuz Colette's
in my class and she's great. We're planning on making masks
out of that cast stuff like we did in grade 7. All I have
to do in that whole class is 200 sketches of which I only
have to create 5 good copies. That's it, that's all for the
entire year. We just draw the whole class with the odd
little report and such.


Okay, this day was kinda meh. Bourassa switched to my Chem
class which is cool cuz now I'll have a lab partner! Haha.
Classes were all basically the same except art. Mr. Morin
started being gay today and like telling me not to fight
with him when I really wasn't. He's a fag. Luckily for me,
I only have him for one class this semester! YESSSSSSSSSSS.
I have discovered a new way to get down the hall quick. I
now grab Quinn and put him in front of me so that he can
push everyone around and they won't push him back (cuz he's
like way bigger). It's quite an effective method I think :D

Now enough about school. Well I haven't really been doing
anything but school really. It kinda sucks but you know how
it goes. I've found my new favorite TV show. It's the OC...
it's just so realistic and like the acting's super good and
I just love it. :D It's awesome. Other than that I've done
a bunch of nothing! Hooray!!! Anyways, that's it, that's
all. BYEZ!