Kat Eyes
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2003-08-21 20:53:23 (UTC)

Trouble in paradise

i am definalty not up to par today cause i slept horribly
last night. and my stomach started hurting. david ran away
from home. he basically didn't want to listen to his mom
anymore. and ryan got into a thing w/ his step dad, so they
both walked all the way from arcadia to sierra madre to see
me and then from sierra madre to monrovia. gemma (ryan's
girlfriend) just got back from vegas, so they walked to her
house and slept on her couch.i'm really worried about him.
him and ryan had 2 bucks between them and they bough a huge
bottle of pepsi. i gave them the 2 bucks that i had, and i
dont know what they bough w/ it. hopefully water. i'm just
worried about him. he has no permanent place to stay, NO
money, etc. i'm just worried. and i know that he can't go
home and resolve the problems w/ his parents. and that
sucks. his situation definatly made me grateful for having
a place to stay and people who care.
i'm really worried about school now. i haven't started my
history essays. even though i have plenty of time, i'm
freaking. back-to-school jitters i guess. i'm gonna go. l8z

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