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2003-08-21 05:29:18 (UTC)

Right now my heart is soo..

Right now my heart is soo broken adn i wasn't even going
out with the kid. It was just soo much fun to talk to him
and knowing that he wanted to talk to me and that hes about
the only guy in a million taht doesnt smoke or drink adn
doesnt see the need too which i skinda how i think...:D
but, all of a sudden he just stopped talking to me like we
weren't friends. I wanted to im him but, i thought if he
wanted to talk to me then he would im me. But of course me
and waiting didnt work out so i IM him. i sed hey he sed
hey i waited a bit cuz it wasn't like him not to talk to me
then i sed whats up? all he sed was nuthin and never saif
nething at all after. what a jerk he went from being a
friend to not talking to me the least he could do would be
to say that he didnt want to talk to me. he didnt even ask
u? back after i said wuts up.. which made me sad. It also
made me really mad cuz i was just starting ot like him and
thinking that mayb we would get ot be really good friends
also hes really hott..(o baby) in my book and i really
wanted to get to know him. W/E i cant do that now he wont
talk to me and doesnt want too.. i just dont understand
eveerything was looking up until yesturday.:( So tonight i
dint go out or do nething i went online put up and away
message and hoped he would im me..like he use too but no..
he didnt after being on like like2 hours....i just dont
understand. All i did was sleep adn think how no one called
me no one imed and how i need to find more ppl that care
for me. i feel so lost in teh world like no one cares im
here. This year i am making it my goal to make friends that
i can call up ne time and tell my problems or hang out with
ne time and not worry bout wut tehy think of me. Cuz i dont
want this feeling to continue.. i could make some one do
something very stupid.

ne how im talkin to 2 ppl that imed me right now soo im
feelin a lil better. Mike and Tommy..:D