Euphoric Nothingness
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2003-08-21 04:40:37 (UTC)

Before the GRE

Wow. I didn't expect to write a journal entry tonight.
Oh well. Once midnight came and I realized the
implications that today's event may have on my future, I
thought I would channel some of my feelings.

The GRE is today at noon. I feel like I am ready to do
well. I got a 1210 on a practice test tonight which made
me feel really really good about the upcoming events. My
ultimate goal is to reach the 1350-1400 range. No matter
what happens, I will have a real test under my belt and a
multitude of experience to further myself.

I guess the realization that graduate school is near is
really starting to hit me emotionally. I have 2 years
left at UCF but I think that graduate school is where my
college experience will really flourish for me. I just
hope and pray that things will work out how I would like
them to and how I think they should pan out.

Graduate school is so incredible important to me that I
can't really give it a pure explanation with just words.
I put my heart and my soul into school. I know that I can
earn a graduate degree. When I get to grad school, I will
be the first person in my family's history to make is that
far. That means a lot. But I am in it for the personal
satisfaction, not the glory or the precedence or the money
or anything like that. I am reaching for graduate school
because I want to learn as much as possible.

What I want to do in graduate school is simple in one
aspect but complicated in practice. I would like to study
the Roman Republic and/or Empire (and the surrounding
areas, icluding Israel and Greece) from both a historical
as well as archaeological perspective. I want to study
the classics and make parallels to the United States. I
want to use this knowledge and experience and travel
around the world and do presentations, archaeological
digs, and research. Maybe later on even getting into
Journalism and/or politics.

Doing spectacular on the GRE is a huge leap towards making
this dream a reality. I know I have the skills to do it
and I know I have the will. I have studied and prepared
for a month for this and now I feel like I am ready to get
a first crack at it. This GRE means a lot to me and I am
possessed with earning a good score. As long as I am
patient, cold, and calculating I will be fine. However,
putting my heart and soul into this exam may be
exhausting, but also very rewarding in many aspects.

So this is it. Less than 12 hours to go. It is now time
for my body to get some well-deserved and much-needed rest
after such an exhausting month. I am ready. I am
prepared. I am motivated. My heart and soul are in on
this. It's time. Test day has arrived.

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