Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
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2003-08-21 04:08:05 (UTC)

Starting All Over

Ok so i used to write in this diary to vent and i never
sent the site to neone cuz it would probably hurt their
feelings..but tonite i was talkin to cindy and she told me
that i should make a diary for when i go to school so my
friends can keep up with whats going on with i
deleted all the old entries and im starting all over
again.. this past week kinda has been pretty
interesting..on saturday i went pete's house..hes this guy
that i work with and i got completely wasted which is not
something i do on an all the time basis..newayz i hooked up
with this other kid that i work with and it was kool cuz
its not like wierd between us and it would suck if it was
wierd between us..yesterday was my last day of work and as
i figured no one really cared cept some of the managers but
i didnt think neone would care cuz no one really cares
there..theyre all heartless..well most of tonite i
went to kims house for her birthday and i feel bad cuz she
told me not to get her nething so i didnt but everyone else
did so now i feel bad so im gonna get her a goin away
present and if she reads this then she will kno..newayz so
i had a lot of fun tonite at her house cuz i was with my
friends and i barely ever hang out with my freinds cuz im
always workin and im gonna miss them sooo much cuz i g o to
school on saturday and i still havent packed yet..i got
home and my mom had packed half my shit so that kinda
helps..newayz i hope to write in this more so that ppl kno
whats goin on in my boring life..ESU 2 days!!!!