"Day-z H"
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2003-08-21 03:29:57 (UTC)

"Simply Stuff" August 20th, 2003

I'm finally going to Alton school...what a joy. I don't
like it at all. I'm sure some of the people there are
nice...but 99.9% of them seem stuck up. Guess it could
help to try and keep a conversation with the people who
talk to me...but after 5 seconds of talking...they start
talking a lot of he said she said shit...and I could
careless to even get around it. It is my last year...I
could live without the drama. Haven't seen any of my
friends that go to Couch since I left. I miss a few of
them...but I am glad to be living here...even if I don't
like the school. It is almost 10:30 and I have school
2morrow...but I don't feel like sleeping yet. Been
wondering why I have been worrying so much inside lately
about every little thing. Keep thinking about my
tooth...money...how much school bothers me...and worried
about getting bad grades in two of my classes...because I
suck at Math...and Drafting I thought was going to be
drawing mostly...but it's nothing like what I
thought...wondering if Jesse has been okay because of his
girlfriend's situation...and her lovely ex...been thinking
maybe I have done something(s) wrong lately because seems
like I hardly ever get to see my bf...he is usually asleep
when I am not...then I have school...wondering if I should
start looking for work again ...and when...or if I should
get money from the state till I am done with school
because it would be easier and a better chance I won't
mess up with my grades...wondering if I somehow mess up
here and make my parents mad or something...if I will have
to go back home...I just don't get it...should I even be
worried about them at all...or only some of them...or are
any of them even a thing or just in my head. Hell if I
know...enough of that...eventually I'll get over it or

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