Kat Eyes
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2003-08-20 21:15:22 (UTC)

'I'm In Love With You'

I'm in love with you

But you already know

Although I haven't told you

The truth does already show

Trying to convince myself

That what I'm saying isn't true

But I know deep down inside

All I want, is you

I'm in love with someone who doesn't love me back

But without me, love is something your heart will lack

One day you will realize it soon

That for you, I would go to the moon

Just let me show you the way

Then 'no' will be something you could never say

Anything is what would do

This I hope you know

I will show you everything

That my heart can show

They say there's someone for everyone

Well, I'm that someone for you

You might not know it now

If I had to choose you or my life

Down my life would bow

Maybe now you know

How true my feelings are

Never mind, this you will never be shown

Because from this diary, you are far

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