Lost and Searching
2003-08-20 20:08:20 (UTC)

Getting Damn Confused

Damn you Jeff....I know in my mind that i need to get you
out of my heart, but i can't seem to make my heart are so wrong for me, and then after the
wonderful time with shane, you jump back not only into my
bed but also back into my heart....what do i have to do to
get rid of you.....for some reason you keep breaking
through my barriers and i keep letting you waltz right in,
eventhough i know i am going to get hurt....your making
think thoughts that i have no business thinking....i keep
telling myself to stay away from you but like normal don't
listen very well.......damnit, damnit, damnit.....what do i
do.....i leave thinking that it was what i needed to get
you out of my system, but then you call and do those
things....please for the sake of my sanity let me be...i
can't handle the hurt or the hurt i will inflict on you
later...........Jeff, i will never tell you to your face
but i was late....almost a week late......was i pregnant, I
don't know, it could of been stress keeping it from
coming...but i dreamed about it...our would
you react......could you handle it or would i have been on
my own?

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