Obsurd and Undiscussed Relations
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2003-08-20 19:05:13 (UTC)

Poetry...For Chris...Instead of putting it in a book and publishing it.


*Maby I met you for a reason
Like some kind of guiding light
There are more ppl like me
Just wasn't looking right

*So much like me
Awesome times
You've opened up
I'm still in my mind
Scared of getting hurt
So I stay to myself
Think you're one I CAN trust
This is how my heart has felt

*Shead tears
Eyes cried
I lived
And you died

*Let the shield down
Just for this once
Take off that frown
I'm someone you can trust

*Rumors come and
Rumors go
All about me
What do ya no?!?!
They don't hurt
So why even cry
Know you guyz are jerks
Not even worth my time

Always hate for the newcomer
Maids are the women to the men
I can't take it anymore
You were my source of "love"

*Circle of trust
Devotion for the rest of your lyfe
Put it on
And you'll become his wife
Take it off
And say bye-bye
Devoted to my friends
No need for one from them
Doesn't love come from within??
Not from out on your hand??

*Mature decisions
Enough of it
Be strong and don't look back
No need for more of this shit

*We just met
And now you're gone
Time will pass
And hopefully we'll stay close
As close as possible
From 12,000,000 miles away
Too bad we didn't get to know eachother more first
But you know how that is
Can't really do anything about it
The Lord made it this way for a reason
One day we'll know why
Maby so we don't cry as hard

*A dream you have to wait for
A friendship that is life-long
Never seeing you sucks
But you get it out in a song
I try and try each day
Looking for ways to go and see
All of you down there
It's getting harder and harder to bare
I feel I'm going to burst
Missing you is like a thirst
A thirst I cannot quench
Only drink is to go
But no, can't do that
Bcuz of the stupid ass who wears a hat
Not gonna call him "dad"
He's making me so sad

*It was the worst day ever
The B-day of my dreams
Got a kiss from my love
And everybody screamed

Ran into my room
And put a pad-lock on my door
Pulled out a gun
And OD'ed on the floor

Down the rain poured
It was a black and sunny day
They buried me above the ground
There I was put to stay

The next night I awoke
Flew winglessly down from Hell
Halo under my head and all
There I layed on the ground and fell

Fell back into the sky
Now I had my love
He was there to guide me
Dude, this is enough

*Looked into her eyes
The bloody knife in my hand
Saw all the pain inside
She must have known this was planned

She didn't try to run
Just sat there and prayed
The little girl was five years old
And already had enough Faith

Faith in the God Almighty
The Lord from above
She was a very good little girl
God was her only source of love

I look over her body
At all the bruises and cuts and scrapes
I only stabbed her once
The rest were coming from her Father's own Faith

I dropped the knife
And sat next to her on the floor
A tear trickled down from my face
I am such a big disgrace

All of the sudden
Her eyes opened and she said
"I love you mommy, buy why??"
I picked her up and held her close until she was fully

*Looking in the Mirror
Blank stair upon my face
Disturbed, impatient, longing
Forth and back I pace

I love you with all my might
Just call to say "good-nite"
Seems like I've known you all my lyfe
Got lucky when I rolled the dice

Sacrifice alot, to be with you
Hope you appreciate it, this lyfe is making me so blue

Leaving here, be sure to stay in touch
Looking in the mirror, I'd say I'm not too tough

*How can I ever be good enough for you??
You're always out trying something new
You tell me I'm perfect and I love you so much
Right now I long for that one special touch
If you don't love me back I can see why
Just tell me, don't lead me on, this way I can't cry

*My silent wish
Is to be
Embraced by you
Just you and me

I guess we'll have
To wait right here
With my memories
I hold you dear

Till next time comes
When we will be
Together with
Just you and me

That night will come
Don't know when or where
Just wish for one

Sooner or later
I'll see you, Dear
Hopefully we're alone
So there's no fear

5 years from now
We'll reunite
Start our own lyfe
Wish It was tonite

We love e/o
Too much to be apart
You'll always be
Inside my heart

I'll live in loneliness
Until that day
When out of school
Every nite I pray

If we're together
5 years from now
We'll b e the perfect couple
You'll realize how

You're the only one
Who loves me so
Everyone else
Just calls me a ho

I believe in you
You believe in me
Later in lyfe
We'll start a family

Just wish for time
To go by fast
So we can be together
Just us at last...

*I feel all alone here
In the dark
Could be dead now
If it wasn't for that nark

You stupid bitch
I don't see why
You care so much
Just let me die

I need to be loved
Or nothing at all
You feel bad
So you take me to the mall

I don't need sympathy
Just a place to rest
So I can dream
Of lieing on his chest

God this sucks
I have to live here
Cuz now I found my love
I have no fear

And if I died
I'd be letting ppl down
Oh it sucks for them
No more rides into town

I have to be cheerful
A smile upon my face
I dance, I sing
Wish I was away from this place

I'll be waiting here
Till years from now
When I can be loved
You'll realize how

Just a long wait
Is all it is
For that one date
This is none of your buiz.

I'll wait here
Alone I stay
Till we can be together
Every nite I pray

*Haven't seen you for a while
Baby I miss you lots
Every day I'm away from you
I make another dot

I do this to remember
How many days they made me stay
W/out you here, it's tough for me
In bed, away, I lay

If I crack
From all the shit
I love you babi
I'll try to live

Just one glimpse
Is all I ask
I make a fist
I am so mad

I wish I could
Just go away
Crawl in a hole
And cry all day

*I don't do it my friend does
He's a funny lil fellow
He cuts and bruises and pricks and scrapes
But once in a while he's mellow

Just a punch away
He's been here all my lyfe
Hopefully not leaving me soon
Helps me when I get called a dyke

Acutally there's two of them
Their innitials are R and L
You can never blame me for it
They are the ones going to Hell


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