Obsurd and Undiscussed Relations
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2003-08-20 18:39:41 (UTC)

(Sigh) Alrighty...

Okay, I've been like super-mega busy lately. Like crazily
busy. School starts the 25th (Monday) and I'm not even
close to ready. Today is my first day off since like
forever. My room is almost finished. We just gotta put up
the curtains, and a few shelves, then my pics and candles

Alysa, Sarah, and I all went to Boyne for a tennis thing w/
our team. We were planning on tunz of fun together,
basically bonding time. We left on Sunday and got home
Tuesday. Sunday nite was kool...up till 4:30 for me,
waiting for the good*nites cuz they were all sweet, fell
asleep b4 the ones at 5 tho. When I fell asleep Sarah and
Alysa went down in the extra bedroom and talked. Basically
talked about me and yeah. Monday, they basically ignored me
all day. Monday nite, I was talking to my other friend
Sarah and then Alysa and Sarah came upstairs and were like
um...we need to talk. I was like when me and Sarah are done
talking I'll go and talk to you guyz. I'm not going to drop
everything for someone who's been ignoring me. So me and
Sarah finished talking (about an hour later) and I went and
tt Sarah and Alysa. They talked about how they were talking
about me, why they ignored me, all the reasons why
everything was going crazy. I just got Pissed off and I'm
pretty much just ignoring them still. We had a tough
weekend or w/e you would call those 3 days bcuz Sarha was
supposidly moving, her cousin Bry, wasn't coming up, Bry
had just gotten out of the hospital AGAIN, etc. I wasn't
talking much at all those 3 days and it was kinda weird. I
cried alot those 3 days and started getting those stupid
nervous habits back. Tuesday while we were playing a
scrimmage against some team Alysa tripped and messed up her
ankle. We drove a half hour back to Boyne to show Dr.
Lindahl and he said it would be fine but she might wanna
get it checked out if it still hurts after a few days. As
soon as I got back home, I called Chris and we talked for a
while. He actually made me read him my poetry out loud!
Then I called my other friend, Chris. Just as I hung up the
fone from that call Mike called. Ugh. I was hoping for my
ma to yell at me but she didn't so I was stuck talking to
him. Then today, he called me 2 times more! Ugh! I told him
I was busy till after shcool starts but the thing is, my ma
wont let me go see Kathy till after I see Mike. Ugh! I
really don't want to see Mike but I REALLY REALLY want to
see my bro's and sista's and Kathy and everyone. I'll write
later and tell ya what more is goin on.

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