Kat Eyes
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2003-08-20 18:33:20 (UTC)

we got back together...august 20, 2003

yea so the title explains it all. this is the first time
that i've ever gone back to a relationship. normally, its
over and thats it. but i gave it another chance. this is
his last chance, and hes on thin ice. i'm not trying to
sound like a bitch about it, but he would not stop pushing
me to do something i didnt want to and i dont let people do
that. and i think hes in love w/ me. and i'm not in love w/
him. i dont think i ever could be. i really don't feel like
i gave our relationship a fair shot, so we'll try it one
more time and see what happens. caitlin kept IMing me and i
just wnated to scream at her to leave me the fuck alone b/c
its none of her buisness. she makes it seem like shes
trying to look out for me and all that shit, but she just
cares about david. and it pisses me off. so i just tell her
that i dont want to talk about it or something. anything to
get her off my ass. and everyone is asking if we got back
together. i don't know why but i seriously don't want to
talk to anyone about it. its like something of my own thats
personal. and if i share it w/ everyone else, what do i
have for me? ok well, i'm gonna go do something else.
probably update my subprofile.

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