Chalice of Life
2003-08-20 17:15:37 (UTC)

SA -August 2003

What can I say?? hummm..(Diary of the Ancient Aged)

My son, moved to SA and I made a
trip to visit him. Not only was it a visit, but I did bring
a few of his personal things he forgot, or could not bring
with him..
Through this whole process, I looked at SA in a
whole new light..Was it meant that I must make a move here
It seems that Twin Dragon, got laid off at work,
and now a new journey was in SA..
So The Sunshine, does shine here for "NOC", Twin Dragon and

Noc, and I celebrated our birthdays at AppleBees on Sock
night and had lots of fun!(Aug 19) It was Karaoke night,
and we even had cake and icecream, as a courtesy from
AppleBees. How cool..

I also feel that I will meet many of my brothers and
sisters of the Earth here, and plan to get a map to greet
all in this turn of the seasons here!
I even located the Crystal Forest, which that is like a
gold mine!!

I am also taking a chance on making this diary public.
Simply, because I don't write very well, since poetry has
alway been what I do best.. As a writer, it takes skill,
and the lingo I use is more to those who might understand
the outer realm of what I will convey here.
As you start to read, you might guess, where the chalice is
dranked and when I raise it high! As like the darkness of
the night!

I guess this is only the beginning of my new diary.. So for
now.. I will need more practice..I am going to write things
down, before attempting to write any more here.......Maybe
then it will make more sense.........With practice, this
could be my shrine in this chalice of life...

I love it!