once again
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2003-08-20 06:02:57 (UTC)

How do I peice it all together

IT's closing in on the time that I'm supposed to goto
FLorida. I have one month and a week roughly. I have no
plane ticket and no money saved. I dodn't want to
disappoint Nicole but I don't want to see Shawn. He hasn't
called me and he still owes me money that I really want. I
still have to get health insurance and a car and car
insurance. All soon also. So what do I do?

I just don't know, Nicole stays friends with Shawn and he's
taken money from her and all sorts of other things. Used
her and everything...why? I don't know if I get jealous
abou t it or I just feel bad for her. I just wish that
after all this complaining and all that she would stop
being friends with him.

I just don't know. I wnat to goto Florida. Eric calls me
and says that he wants to see me really badly and all. I
want to go. I have so many peole I want to see but I just
don't know. I'm a little sepressed and I take medication
to stop this and I still feel this way. Why? I need to
goto the doctor to get new meds but I can't afford it. I
just don't know. I just don't Know how to put this all
together and see the godd side.

And Amica if you read this call cell is the same.