Kat Eyes
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2003-08-19 19:58:57 (UTC)

David/Kat convo

AmazingTab: kat?

Auto response from StArLeTt110: You're always looking for
and all its possibilities
Your senses searching for attention
in urgent need of gravity
I think you think you're someone else
You've got to learn to save yourself
Before you find there's nothing left
But bitterness
And hollowness
And afterglow.

StArLeTt110: david?
AmazingTab: good morning
StArLeTt110: morning
AmazingTab: how are you?
StArLeTt110: lovely
StArLeTt110: yourself?
AmazingTab: eh
StArLeTt110: ok
AmazingTab: i cant write..
StArLeTt110: why
AmazingTab: i dont know what it is... it all comes out swill
StArLeTt110: i'm sry
AmazingTab: yeah...
StArLeTt110: yea
AmazingTab: i dyed my hair
StArLeTt110: what color?
AmazingTab: ...
AmazingTab: black?
StArLeTt110: dumb question
AmazingTab: lol
AmazingTab: sorry
StArLeTt110: hows it look
AmazingTab: uhhh... black
StArLeTt110: ok
StArLeTt110: do you feel better than you did yesterday?
AmazingTab: nope
StArLeTt110: ok
AmazingTab: how do you feel?
StArLeTt110: do you really want to know?
AmazingTab: yes
AmazingTab: i really do
StArLeTt110: i'm pissed off
AmazingTab: lol
AmazingTab: at me?
StArLeTt110: yea a lil bit
AmazingTab: why kat?
StArLeTt110: for what you said yesterday
StArLeTt110: about how you want to shut me out now that
things are over
AmazingTab: you give me too much credit...
StArLeTt110: ?
AmazingTab: you think i could really do that?
StArLeTt110: yea, i do.
AmazingTab: kat... my writing is swill...
AmazingTab: i must have really cared about you
StArLeTt110: then why did you say all of those things
AmazingTab: uhhhhh...
StArLeTt110: thats a good reason david
AmazingTab: yeah...
StArLeTt110: yea
AmazingTab: hmmm
StArLeTt110: i hope that we can still....remain friends
AmazingTab: yeah.... ow
StArLeTt110: i don't know what else you want e to
say....yesterday i got the impression that you never wanted
to see me ever again for the rest of your life, so i
figured me saying i hope we can be friends was already
asking a lot
AmazingTab: lol
StArLeTt110: ?
AmazingTab: it's nothing...
AmazingTab: really it is
StArLeTt110: um ok
StArLeTt110: so what now
AmazingTab: uhhhh
AmazingTab: i dont kno
StArLeTt110: me either
AmazingTab: do you love me?
StArLeTt110: am i in love with you?
AmazingTab: no no
StArLeTt110: no
AmazingTab: that's not what i asked you...
StArLeTt110: define the love you're asking
AmazingTab: i dont know.. forget it
StArLeTt110: brb
StArLeTt110: back..i had to switch laundry
StArLeTt110: david i care very deeply about you
StArLeTt110: you are unlike anyone i've ever met in my
entire life
AmazingTab: hmm
AmazingTab: ditto
StArLeTt110: the fact that i don't trust myself with
you...and you don't trust yourself with me..sort of sends
up a red flag
AmazingTab: lol
AmazingTab: dont try to justify things... they are how they
are for a reason
StArLeTt110: ok
StArLeTt110: so...yea
AmazingTab: im signing your guestbook
StArLeTt110: ok
AmazingTab: sorry
StArLeTt110: lol its ok
AmazingTab: no.. it isn't
StArLeTt110: what made the change?
AmazingTab: im trying to paint
AmazingTab: grrr
AmazingTab: this is so frustrating
StArLeTt110: you don't have to sign it
AmazingTab: i dont have to do anything kat...
AmazingTab: neither do you
StArLeTt110: ok
AmazingTab: this is something I want to do... for me
StArLeTt110: ok
StArLeTt110: then sign away
AmazingTab: lol
StArLeTt110: i fixed my computer
AmazingTab: good times
StArLeTt110: (finally)
StArLeTt110: yea
AmazingTab: hmmm
AmazingTab: it is alright if i wrote it a few months ago?
StArLeTt110: sure...
StArLeTt110: is everything ok w/ your rents>
AmazingTab: i guess
StArLeTt110: ok
AmazingTab: i miss you
StArLeTt110: i miss you too
StArLeTt110: a lot
AmazingTab: FUCK
StArLeTt110: ...?
AmazingTab: i wrote... dammit
StArLeTt110: you signed it?
AmazingTab: i think.. it might not have worked
StArLeTt110: ok
AmazingTab: damn
StArLeTt110: what?
StArLeTt110: i don't see it
AmazingTab: i know
StArLeTt110: :-(
StArLeTt110: why can't you write?
StArLeTt110: i love my quote on your profile
AmazingTab: sorry
AmazingTab: dammit
AmazingTab: fuck
StArLeTt110: lol its ok
AmazingTab: that's like the second time
AmazingTab: im trying to sign it...
AmazingTab: i really am
StArLeTt110: ok
AmazingTab: ill just send it to you next time
StArLeTt110: ok
StArLeTt110: have you written an entry more than once cause
it wont send?
AmazingTab: yeah... like 3 times
StArLeTt110: are you writing it again and just sendign it
to me?
AmazingTab: want me to?
StArLeTt110: yes
AmazingTab: what is your e-mail address?
StArLeTt110: [email protected]
AmazingTab: cute
StArLeTt110: thank you
AmazingTab: i have new mail....
StArLeTt110: ...?
AmazingTab: i won a free dvd... lol
StArLeTt110: lol
StArLeTt110: good job
AmazingTab: yeah...lol
AmazingTab: want me to be honest in it?
StArLeTt110: yes
AmazingTab: ok
AmazingTab: but... remember.. you told me to
StArLeTt110: ok
StArLeTt110: i will
AmazingTab: i sent it
StArLeTt110: ok
StArLeTt110: *reading*
AmazingTab: ack...
AmazingTab: stop
StArLeTt110: *stoping*
AmazingTab: im too chickenshit for you to read it while im
StArLeTt110: no!
StArLeTt110: stay
StArLeTt110: please
AmazingTab: if you say so
AmazingTab: go ahead...
StArLeTt110: *reading*
StArLeTt110: i'm crying
AmazingTab: kat im sorry
StArLeTt110: no its ok
AmazingTab: i shouldn't have written that
StArLeTt110: yes you should have
StArLeTt110: believe me..you should have
AmazingTab: alright... are you glad im honest?
StArLeTt110: yes very
AmazingTab: ok
AmazingTab: kat...come back

Auto response from StArLeTt110: laundry...

AmazingTab: lol
StArLeTt110: ok i'm back..
AmazingTab: not what i meant
AmazingTab: i didn't know you were "away"
StArLeTt110: yea i know what you mean
StArLeTt110: i want to
AmazingTab: i need to see you
AmazingTab: like... i have to
AmazingTab: there is sooo much i need to say...
StArLeTt110: ok
AmazingTab: kat.. i love you
StArLeTt110: :'(
AmazingTab: stop crying baby
StArLeTt110: this is really hard
AmazingTab: ...
AmazingTab: you're not coming back are you?
StArLeTt110: i don't know yet
AmazingTab: ...
AmazingTab: oh
StArLeTt110: i'm fighting with myself
AmazingTab: uhhh...
AmazingTab: for fear of meddling... im going to stay out of
AmazingTab: i dont want to cause you stress...
StArLeTt110: you don't
AmazingTab: no... i dont
AmazingTab: if you want to forget it...
AmazingTab: i just...
AmazingTab: i dunno
StArLeTt110: i don't want to
AmazingTab: ok
AmazingTab: i dont need an answer right away
AmazingTab: i can wait
AmazingTab: i promise
StArLeTt110: i'm sry to make you wait but i need to think
about it
AmazingTab: i understand
StArLeTt110: thank you
AmazingTab: :-anytime
AmazingTab: kat... i should go...
StArLeTt110: ok
StArLeTt110: i'll be home around 4
AmazingTab: ryan will be over in a few...
AmazingTab: ok
StArLeTt110: ok i'll ttyl
AmazingTab: want someone to come pick you up?
StArLeTt110: do you want to see me?
AmazingTab: YES
StArLeTt110: ok
StArLeTt110: call me later
AmazingTab: more than anything
AmazingTab: ok
StArLeTt110: at my house
AmazingTab: i will
AmazingTab: ...
AmazingTab: uhhh...
StArLeTt110: ok
AmazingTab: i love you...
AmazingTab: bye
StArLeTt110: bye
AmazingTab signed off at 1:02:14 PM.