Kat Eyes
2003-08-19 19:57:08 (UTC)

for your guestbook...

I think I found Jesus in this big bin
Full of sweaters and keys that no one wanted
I found my self on this pile
Broken hearts and bad jokes

Don't worry, it won't leave me
Knowing what I've done
I am the great instigator
I make all our mistakes

How much do you want me?
How much am I worth to you?
How much do you need me?
You're leaving now

Come with me, we'll change the world
Nothing new to say, but we'll say it anyway
Marry me to save us
Carry us yesterday, just to drop us today.

I stopped believing in me long before we met
I'm so tired now I can't even breathe
I think I will wear my faith on my sleeve
All those things I believe for me and you.

Wow Kat, there is so much I need to say here. I really
think you are a great
person. I really mean that, but what I really wanted to say
was that I miss you
like nothing else. I really want you back kat, I still like
look around and
think.. "where is my Kat?" I know it is my fault that you
left, and I'm sorry
for that. But I think that "We" didn't give "Us" a fair
chance... And I think I
can change... you are worth changing for, you really are. I
know you dont want
me to say this, but I am still in-love with you, as much as
I can be. Well...
sorry for talking about the pink elephant that follows me