Under the starless L.A. sky
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2003-08-19 06:04:56 (UTC)


As I go forward my lif falls off from me like an old skin. My Home,
my girl, my job, my possesions. The fall away into the past, carried
like dust on the winds of change. It feals as if I need to be stripped
of my world before I can move to a new life. This has happened
before but it is so scary, filled with the unknown. I haven't a clue
where I will end up, but I have a couch to stay on for a week or two,
a place to stash my tools and leads on a job. But my book is still up
in the air, my love has been tossed to the wind, and my mind
cannot seem to focus in any one direction. I look to the One and I
hope for the strength to make it through this, again.