Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2003-08-19 03:52:02 (UTC)

Runes, or Runic lettering

Playing Rune... getting a huge kick out of it... Little T
is scared of the big monster in the game now, that he gets
agitated and starts yelling at me in his baby-speak to run
the other way... I was thinking, weird, he just learned
that not all animals are cute and friendly, but that some
(if not all) can be dangerous, vicious even... and this
from a silly computer game... This actually reminds me of
when I first saw Jaws on the movie screen, and had
nightmares of that shark bursting through our bedroom
window, and letting the rest of the ocean in...

Listening to Charlotte Church in Beautiful Mind, and also
Ride of the Valkyries from Wagner, and also St. Matthews
Passion from Bach, and two pieces from Vivaldi....I really
like those violins, as they are played that way. Ugh,
playing Rune has caused me to become re-interested in the
Danes again, from which I am reminded of Hamlet, which
reminds me of Shakespeare, in general, and how it would be
neat to attend a play of some sort again, but the prices
are unusually steep, however, for my poor moth-infested

Went to Mass on Friday, for the Assumption of Mary, and
then again on Sunday, for the regular weekly service...