Kat Eyes
2003-08-18 22:17:14 (UTC)

we broke up..again..august 18, 2003

right now hes pissing me off more than making me upset. i'm
glad its over. but...ugh..just read the convo. i didnt save
it, but i said 'when you want to talk about it..let me
know.' the convo goes from there...
AmazingTab: that's the thing... i wont... like ever
StArLeTt110: why
StArLeTt110: that makes no sense how can you just let this
roll off of you like it never happened?
AmazingTab: cause... cause you did it...
StArLeTt110: so? what difference does that male
StArLeTt110: *make
StArLeTt110: b/c i ended things? is that what it is?
AmazingTab: i dunno what it is
AmazingTab: it will kill me later, dont worry
StArLeTt110: i'm trying to make this easy but apparently it
will never be that way
AmazingTab: it's not right now... dont be upset
AmazingTab: it will if you just forget it
StArLeTt110: i'm sorry david..i'm not like you. i can't
just let things not affect me like you can. i can't just
AmazingTab: that's it though... it does effect me...
AmazingTab: you just walked away
AmazingTab: I have nobody now
StArLeTt110: what are you talking about?
AmazingTab: but im not gonna get all sad about it
StArLeTt110: david did i ever say that i never want to be
apart of your life?
StArLeTt110: when did i say that
StArLeTt110: david look around
StArLeTt110: you have people
AmazingTab: ....?
AmazingTab: who?
StArLeTt110: maybe your family isn't apart of those people
StArLeTt110: but you have friends
AmazingTab: really?
StArLeTt110: and you have people that care about you
StArLeTt110: you just don't see it for some reason
StArLeTt110: i NEVER said that i never want to be apart of
your life
AmazingTab: lol
StArLeTt110: ....?
AmazingTab: you're not ever coming back...
StArLeTt110: you think so?
StArLeTt110: you think i'm just going to leave
AmazingTab: you just did
StArLeTt110: david i ended our relationship
AmazingTab: mmmhmm
AmazingTab: forever
AmazingTab: that road doesn't open again
AmazingTab: ever
StArLeTt110: thats bullshit
StArLeTt110: you're just going to shut me out>
AmazingTab: why not?
StArLeTt110: thats fucked and i can't believe you would do
AmazingTab: yeah well... im not a nce person
AmazingTab: nice*
StArLeTt110: i don't know what to say
StArLeTt110: i'm sorry that things had to end this way
StArLeTt110: and i'm sorry that you shut people out
AmazingTab: i only do it to people i dont trust anymore
StArLeTt110: ok
AmazingTab: like caitlin
StArLeTt110: so you're just going to forget about me
AmazingTab: no...
StArLeTt110: completely
StArLeTt110: ok
AmazingTab: that would be impossible
StArLeTt110: i wish things didnt end this way
AmazingTab: but... i am never letting you back into the
position you were in for this last year