enter my train of thought
2003-08-18 13:13:43 (UTC)


man, its to early for me. i had to get up to drive lauren
to work at 7:45! aaaaahhhhh! but then again, i got up at 8
all last week too for VBS, so i should be used to it....
but i guess not.

anyway, i had to drive lauren to work because i need the
car today. i have a job interview (yahoo!!!!) at linens and
things at 1:00, so my dad said i should be able to drive
myself to that, which meant i had to drive lauren to work
and i have to pick her up at 2:00. fun stuff.

so VBS was ok, too bad my little crew was 6 fifth graders
who were just too old for the whole thing so they couldnt
behave the whole time.... it was fun. and then every day
after that i went to the bethke's (with elizabeth, of
course, since i was taking care of her last week, and this
week too) and watered their plants and fed their birds and
fed their fish.... so i should be getting $50 from mr.
bethke any day now. $50 is exciting. haha to me at least.

so i was telling suleka last night online about this dream
i had.... it was me and mrs beachy and melillo, and we were
all chummy and like skipping along with our arms linked....
haha she totally cracked up, and she thinks my dream meant
im ready to go back to school. for one thing, i cant
control my dreams. but it was really really odd. and for
another thing, im not ready to go back to school. well, i
guess i am in a way. i kinda am excited for junior year to
start, but i know on like the 3rd day of school i'll be
sick of it and ready for summer again. im sure thats how
lots of people feel though...

soooo lets see what all is happening this week. well, i
already mentioned i have my job interview today. so
hopefully sometime this week i'll have a real job. but lets
see, what else. hmmm. well mostly, the only stuff happening
around my house is lauren getting ready to leave for
college. she and my mom have been totally college crazy,
buying stuff left and right and talking about it nonstop. i
guess it is a pretty big event though. so we're taking her
up to UVA on saturday... i think my mom and elizabeth are
gonna cry. everybody's been telling me that im gonna cry
too, but i doubt it... i mean, we're already kinda used to
not having lauren around because she's always out with ryan
or other friends or working, so shes seriously never her
anyway except to sleep. and im already sick of my parents
and my little sister, cause lauren always provided a little
entertainment... but, ya know, just 2 more years til i
leave too, i suppose i can make it. but anyway... a lot of
people that i know have gotten closer to their sisters once
they leave for college. so supposedly thats whats supposed
to happen, but i dunno about that either. i mean, we've
always gotten along fairly well anyway, with only the
normal sibling fighting and stuff. so its not like our
relationship needs work or anything. but i dunno, i feel
like its more likely that we'll be farther apart than
closer. not because either of us is at fault or anything,
just because of the kind of people we are... but who knows.
anything can happen.

anyway, im really hungry so im gonna go eat some breakfast.

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