just a normal life
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2003-08-18 05:46:38 (UTC)



Well today was a good day! I'm over that whole stupid self
pity no one loves me in that oh so special way thing...
cuz i mean...if its meant to happen... one day it will...
and it will be soo worth all the wait! lol i sound like a
corny movie thingy but thats alright

anywayz... so today.. i went to church...and then ju came
home with me and we went to the benefit for my friends dad
who has cancer... they all need lots and lots of prayers!
they're gong through a reallllly tough time! and I just
pray that God watches over all of them and i trust Him to
do whats best for everyone and just be there to watch
after all of them and comfort them and help them through
this no matter what ends up happening...

but the benefit was cool ... the place was PACKED! which
was awesome and me and ju and some other people from the
youth group helped serve food... they had like news
cameras in there too.. it was crazy i thought they were
gonna blind me while i was serving the potato salad! but
its all good! I saw paul for the first time in a while
tho... he looks incredibly thin... i was like ... wow...
this is the guy who used to make us breakfast in the
morning before we went to church... oh i don't know i love
that whole family! so many good times at their house! Its
crazy how u would never think sometihng like that could
happen to a certain person... you just take for granted
that time you have with them until its almost too late.

well after that i came home tho...and tried to look for a
car.. i'm gonna be sixteen in like...4 days! lol so anywa
thats cool i can live without a car for a while tho...
tonight at cheer practice ju sprained her ankle! : so
thats not good! i hope that she didn't tear any tendons or
anything! that would really not be good! especiallywith
school starting soon... ohh wait that would mean she would
get an elevator key! andi could help her!... minus the
fact that i have no classes with her this semester... and
i already have an elevator key... i wonder if they realize
i still have that... hmm... oh well they must not be
missing it too badly!!

speaking of that ... one of my plates is really bothering
me cuz you can totally feel it through my skin... i can
even feel the little screw things... ican't wait to get
these out so i can do stuff without it hurting! that will
be great! okay well thats all for the night.. i'm
realllllly realllly bored tho and for some reasons no ones

ohh yea haha james came and rang my doorbell at alittle
after 11:00 cuz he ran out of gas on his way home and
could barely make it down my street and up my driveway...
lol so he had to call his mom and have her bring him some
gas... funny kid! okay thats it for tonight i guess!


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