Used n Abused
2003-08-17 22:53:58 (UTC)

Fun IN thE sUn

YoOoOoOOo, I just thought i'd write in here. Um lets see. i
woke up today..haha mom had to scream at me for like an
hour for me to get up. =-)Charity didn't come in today..So
i guess she will tomorrow i hope! We went to the LAnd of
park with Jenny and Janet. but before that we ate pizza
hut...nastyo!!! Me and Jenny rode the paddle boats. funn
lol but it was friggin hot outside today. and then after
like a hour of that jenny alyssa and Kim went swimmin.dUMMY
me forgot my bathing suit. so i sat melted and
Some life guards kept having some kid ask how old me and
brittany and the kid said yea im their bitch when
jennys mom asked was he the messenger. her eyes almost
poped out of her haah well im gonna go wont
shut the hell up. gawd shes like a air head. i dunno i
think im near the time.....i wanna friggin kill her
though..shes retarded.well be back later maybe oxoxoox love
ya Ralph LauReLL Used N aBusEd