2003-08-17 21:33:54 (UTC)

Lizz's party...

It was fun. Board games, pizza, and a bunch of good friends.
I joined another family. I'm Ivan's daughter. I kept
calling him daddy. He's funny.

I have to find a way to be able to get out of my house,
sleep over at someone else's, and have my parents let me do
this. Heck I might even deal with the whole questioneare
thing. Just not much of it. Not every time, that's for
sure. I just want to be able to leave and have them not
worry. I don't wanna be home anymore. I like those people.
Their fun. I have fun around them.

I might not go to great america but I want to go really
badly cause it's with them. All of them and their real fun.
Dad wants me to go to the hospital with him. I'm hoping I
don't have to. I REALLY wanna go to great America. REALLy