2001-10-09 04:52:53 (UTC)

Thought updates...

I haven't updated my thoughts for a while, and luckily my
mind is clear for the moment. So, where to begin...
There's been a revival of my interest in Mercury, (go to my
website, it'll take too long to explain) and so my mind has
basically been occupied w/ her. My subconscious has also
taken to the liking of writing stories/poems made for
movies or basically any publication. This is probably just
an evolutionary step from my Truman condition (I make up a
lot of names for things) which is ever since I was a kid,
well, maybe not forever, but I always had this idea someone
was watching me, like the Truman Show (pretty good movie)
because my brother also talked about it, so that got
imprinted in my mind forever. So... um... i was thinking
of things to write in my oh ya i remember. Ignorance: Good
or bad? I have always been told it was bad by my brother
(anarchist) so I always assumed it was bad. But now, I'm
not so sure. My mind is too busy and chaotic, not that I'm
trying to boast or anything, and so now I just wanna be
content. You've seen the ignorant people, they're always
happy, they get happy over the most trivial things, and
they ignore the real problems. "To be a tree, to be
content!" that was in a Final fantasy III game, i think.
that kinda stuck with me. I am wobbly headed bob. Please
read Jhonen Vasquez's comics (surprisingly intelligent,
don't be fooled by it's appearance) and read the little
wobbly headed bob mini comics. That's how i feel. And so
now I only want to be ignorant, to ignore my standstill
theory, to ignore the pains of self-critisism, to accept
the government, to accept the limitations of religion, and
to lose my skepticism. HERE'S SOMETHING FUN! would you
rather be a doorknob or a biscuit??? by the way, i hate it
when people use only 2 '?' marks. I can't stand it!!! same
w/ ! marks. Unless it's like "what? what?? WHAAATT???"
like progressiveness or something. just something i don't
like. either its !/? or !!!/???. choose! anyway, speaking
of choose, what would you be? I'd be a doorknob. Never
really get bored cause you see all these people and germs
and gettting touched all the time wouldn't be so bad once
you get used to it. now a biscuit would be fine for a
while, but then you get eaten! just common sense that that
would suck. anyway, my comp is fuckin up so i gotta go.
in case you're wondering why im happy now, i htink i have a
slight MPD. nothing serious, just have really wide range
of moods that change very fast without use of reactants.
anyway, i guess i better get going if going's what i gotta
get. -Brak

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