I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2003-08-17 07:12:01 (UTC)

This Evening

My brother took me to a movie this evening and then I took
him to a diner. It was fun, and we always have a good time

It was a late movie and then after dining, it was about
2:45am when I was driving home. The roads are deserted
except for the occasional random person (like me) driving

And I remembered. I remembered moving here and seeing this
place for the very first time. How it just looks like a
residental area in Anytown, USA. And I remember how I
felt. I remember feelings that I had very well. I remember
what I was thinking when I had those feelings.

While I was doing this, it struck me that I've been in
this place for 13 years. More than half my life. And it is
my home. Granted, there is somewhere else that I want to
live, but I will always consider this place home.

Even when I see it again for the very first time.