All That I Am
2003-08-17 03:54:41 (UTC)

The Bluest Eye

"Each night Pecola prayed for
blue eyes. In her eleven years, no one had
ever noticed Pecola. But with blue
eyes, she thought, everything
would be different. She would be
so pretty that her parents would
stop fighting. Her father
would stop drinking. Her brother
would stop running away. If
only she could be beautiful.
If only people would look at her."
-Toni Morrison's "The Bluest Eye"

Okay so I'm suppose to be chillin' on the couch right but
I forgot to write about the last book I read. Last week I
finished Toni Morrison's profound book, "The Bluest Eye".
I want to do an entry on all the books I read so I can
keep track of them and write down my responses/comments
about them. I've read more this year than any other by far
and all of them have been good books. In order I've read:
The Hobbit (arguably better than The Lord of The Rings),
The Year of Ice (my first gay book and although not
spectacular, it still hit a nerve), Harry Potter and The
Order of the Phoenix (the best book so far in the HP
series and my favorite fantasy fiction book along with The
Silmarillion), The Hours (not enough words for how much I
loved this book...I want to read it again even now), and
now The Bluest Eye.

The Bluest Eye is actually Toni Morrison's first book that
she wrote back in the 60's. The Bluest Eye is actually
told from the point of view of Claudia, a nine year old
black girl who is/was friends with the main character of
the book, Pecola (also a little black girl). Due to
circumstances in her life, Pecola believes she's ugly and
develops an overwhelming desire to become beautiful by
acquiring blue eyes. She sees the reaction that people
give the little blue eyed, blonde haired white girls and
longs for that attention and admiration. Pecola becomes
consumed by her desire to have blue eyes and when she
finally "gets them", it's not enough. She then needs to
have the bluest eyes and ultimately loses her sanity. All
this from a little girl. The story is just tragic and Toni
Morrison's message on the topic of beauty is masterful.
This book, along with The Hours, is my new favorite book.
Toni Morrison's prose is just so beautiful and seemless (a
lot like Michael Cunningham's). Good stuff.

Okay I'm off to read my new book, "Sula" (also by Toni
Morrison but more on that when I finish it!). Later.

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