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Logic of the Insane
2003-08-17 02:15:27 (UTC)

Bored stiff

Well hello there. I didn't see you come in...how long have
you been here, and how long have I been ignoring you? Too
long...let's see...my last entry must have been in
April...wow...four months.
I'm sorry, but I completely forgot about this diary. I
just got an update notice in my e-mail inbox and that's
what reminded me of this nifty little site.
Well, what's going on with me? I guess that is the
question, huh? Hmmm, well...I guess the biggest recent
developments are my High School graduation and my 18th
birthday...it's all well and good, but life has gotten a
lot harder. Having to manage money and all, it sucks...but
that's boring.
One thing I found is eBay...I wish I hadn't, though.
I've spent so much money, and sometimes it's money that I
don't have. But I manage. I still have my job at the
bookkeeping company, and I've recently started working for
a friend of mine...it's usually only something like 6hrs. a
week, but I make about 13.33/hour, so it's okay.
I'm starting my freshman year of college on Monday...I
can't believe that summer is going to end already. As an
update, Shelly is going away to college, I don't talk to
her anymore...but I saw her about two or three months ago,
and she told me then. She seems to be doing well, and I'm
Bellissima...oh boy...she's been getting increasingly
worse. She has a big problem with alcohol, and a bunch of
other things...she called me two nights ago...after about a
month of no contact. She was drunk and at a friend's house.
She told me a bunch of random things...including that she
was so drunk the night before that she almost got raped,
and if it hadn't have been for her friend, Justin, she
would have been.
She then started saying a lot of things that I don't
want to say here, and ended the entire conversation by
saying that she was never going to call me again. So...she
hasn't, but we'll see. I honestly don't know what to do
about that whole situation.
Now, about Cico and Jessica, I still don't know what to
do about all of that. It's really not right. Oh, by the
way, I went to NY for six days in June. While we were
there, I stayed in the same hotel room as Cico, and every
night we were there, Jessica slept in the same bed. It's
disgusting...he's like 25...and she JUST turned 17. I don't
know what to do...they stopped calling me all together, and
they never invite me to go party with them anymore...but I
don't care about that anyway, because I wouldn't.
Well...I'm going to go for now, because I'm starting to
get tired of typing...but maybe I'll update sometime again
soon...and maybe I'll see ya there. Take care.